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Don't think about it also much, also much, as well much, too muchThere's just for us rush with (mic check)Don't think about it also much, also much, also much, too lot (Druzu)This is much more than simply a new life for youDon't think around itI don't execute this here for my propsI carry out this right here for mine popsI promised him I'd make it happen and get that outta that shopYou doin' back-breakin' workSo I'm ago making work'Cause ns promised him I'd retire him yet I gotta make it firstGod, friend know exactly how much the hurtsWhen he prevent believing ns was coming with on my promisesListenin' come what momma claims about, "Go to institution for a great trade, good job through a an excellent wage"Outside i don't watch phasedInside I'm like, "God damn" I know I jam choose a absent bandI deserve to not was standing to sit a desk for an additional dayMusic needs to be the various other wayNever easy as plug and also play however I take the road much less traveledAfter every little thing we've battledFrom poverty, to people taking our property when the brand surname was a novelty us couldn't afford choose a Model-TBut papa claimed I to be a prodigy for this reason me and Augustine quit dawdling and said, "Everything we've to be promising we would make great while he's quiet around"But ns don't think about it too lot 'cause i don't think we might let that down
Don't think around it as well much, too much, too much, too muchThere's only for us rush throughDon't think about it as well much, too much, too much, too muchThis is an ext than just a new life because that youDon't think about itJust a year agoI to be on the roadway to Rey MysterioHad a season cold together OntarioBut came complete circle as a cheerioFrom down and out goin' round and also 'bout through some different people when i let castle downMade a promise to 'em ns would settle down and also then damaged it (broke it)They couldn't seed my focus (focus)Was companionship, not a championship because that the baddest bitch in the clubBut climate it concerns a details point once you gotta chunk increase the dubDeuces, no time for excusesWhen the truth becomes translucentFrom all the hints that you followed up still keeping whatever bottled upAll the pride that you swallowed up once you know the history's no enoughTo patch it up because the fact is not matching upGuess karma gotta be catchin' up when the life parted that you can't replace gotta be replacedMemories can't be erasedA lot of human being smile in your faceAnd they to speak they wanna be there for you, traction a chair for you prefer a cable (like a string)But every I need is my day-ones to get the tabs for the drinksWhen the fact serum struggle the blood currently I could open up like a letterBut ns don't think about it too much 'cause the won't make nothing better

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Don't think about it too much, as well much, as well much, too muchThere's just for united state rush throughDon't think around it too much, also much, also much, also muchThis is much more than just a new life for youDon't think about it