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Dale native UsaThis song just makes sense if the very first word of every verse is "Yah", or "Jah", both meaning God or creator, i m sorry the I think is the subject.see an ext comments
Dance hall DaysWang Chung

Wang Chung"s "80s standard "Dance hall Days" is about how things can start an easy but end up complex. Very first you "take your baby through the hand," yet by the end she has actually an amethyst in she mouth.

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Poker FaceLady Gaga

The "Mum-mum-mum-ma" hook top top lady Gaga"s "Poker Face" was sampled from Boney M"s 1977 struggle "Ma Baker."

choose A PrayerMadonna

Madonna"s struggle "Like A Prayer" debuted in a Pepsi commercial, however Pepsi traction the ad the following day when the controversial video appeared. Madonna obtained to save her $5 million proof money.

Don"t Cry for Me ArgentinaJulie Covington

Featured in the 1978 musical Evita, "Don"t Cry for Me Argentina" became the best selling UK fight by a female vocalist (Julie Covington).

We room The WorldUSA because that Africa

The gibbs Dan Aykroyd sang top top "We are The World." LaToya Jackson walk too, so we recognize they weren"t all that picky.

KashmirLed Zeppelin

"Kashmir" is the only Led Zeppelin track to use outside musicians, together it needed strings and horns.

song CitiesMusic Quiz

Nirvana, Billy Joel and also Bruce Springsteen are among those who wrote songs v cities that show up in this quiz.

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rock Stars that HorrorMusic Quiz

Rock Stars - especially those in the metal realm - are often enlisted for fear movies. View if you know can complement the rocker to the role.

Tom Keifer that CinderellaSongwriter Interviews

Tom talks about the evolution of Cinderella"s songs with their first three albums, and also how that writes as a solo artist.

Is That tune Public Domain?Fact or Fiction

Are standard songs choose "Over The Rainbow" and also "Take Me out to the Ballgame" in the public domain?

Tom Waits text QuizMusic Quiz

Pool balls, magpies and thorns there is no roses - just how well execute you understand your Tom Waits lyrics?

arts Alexakis the EverclearSongwriter Interviews

The lead singer of Everclear, arts is additionally their major songwriter.