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Chorus:Don"t mess with my toot toot, don"t mess with my toot toot,Well you deserve to have the various other woman, yet don"t mess with my toot toot.She to be born in her birth suit, the doctor slap she behind, (slap!)Say you"re gonna to it is in special, friend sweet small toot toot.Well you deserve to look as much, however if you lot as touch,You"re gonna have yourself a situation - I"m gonna break her face!ChorusOh toot, hey!Whoa, mama to be the same means too, all the fellas didn"t understand what to do,And papa never had a chance, through a sweet small toot toot.She was born in her birth suit, the doctor slap her behind, (slap!)Said you"re gonna to it is in special, girlfriend sweet little toot toot.Chorus
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