A fear of doctors and also bumps from falling down were on display tonight on Dr. Pimple Popper Season 2 and Dr. Sandra Lee was tasked v trying to figure out both issues! would she have the ability to handle all of that on Dr. Pimple Popper 2019 tonight? Check the end tonight’s patients below in our Dr. Pimple Popper Season 2 recap, which happened to it is in the season finale ~ above TLC!


Here are the patients we watched tonight on Dr. Pimple Popper:


He is 54 and also has this disgusting bang on his shoulder. The is gashed open. He said it feels choose two pliers pulling it apart. It smells bad, as he said it smells choose 10 dead rats. The can’t manage doctor’s offices, together he to know germs are there and he will gain sick. He has panic attacks and anxiety. He states if he goes to Dr. Lee’s office and someone coughs climate he’ll more than likely walk house from California!

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He’s had this chip on his shoulder for 11 years and it causes him continuous pain. Dr. Lee knows she has to patient with Leonard and also watch whatever she says. She doesn’t want him to operation off on her! She isn’t sure what it is, as she stated it could be cancer. Due to the fact that of that, she wants to execute a biopsy before removing anything. The is not happy and also his girlfriend doesn’t think he’ll come back!


He is 27 years old and also has bumps all around his head. He noticed the first one about 4 years ago. He had actually one removed, yet then even much more came. That is engaged to be married and wants to clear this up before his wedding day. He is concerned they can be cancer, together his grandpa is going v cancer ideal now!

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Dr. Lee takes a look and also she is walking to shot and obtain them all gotten rid of today, together she stated they are cysts. They will certainly then send them the end for trial and error to view if they are cancerous. She thought there were 7 cysts, however after working on them, she can’t find one that them. The final one was an angry, old cyst and also it splashed everywhere! The bumps space removed and also now they’ll go to the rap for experimentation on Dr. Pimple Popper Season 2!


She has a big bump over her booty. She dropped down the steps and it was every bruised and lasted a lengthy time. She checked with her family members doctor and also they said simply to leaving it.

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Dr. Lee check it out and also she claimed trauma can cause these things, like a cyst. She said there is no growth there, so there is nothing come treat. Dr. Lee claims it could be a herniated area. Jess is upset and thought she could get rid the it. Dr. Lee said she can remove part fat through liposuction and also even the out, i beg your pardon Jess easily agrees come do! She it s okay it out and smooths the end the area.

Leonard Again

He has actually made it back to Dr. Lee’s office, yet he is having actually a tough time heading in. He goes in and also while in the waiting room, that hears someone sneeze in the back and he operation out! His girlfriend talks him into going earlier in and they head come the back.

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The outcomes are in and it confirmed no authorize of cancer and it mirrors all signs of a lipoma! That means Dr. Lee deserve to remove that today, if he allows it. The does permit it, together she said they room going to do it together quickly and also safely as possible. She obtained it removed and said that was choose a flower coming out! the slipped out nice and easily. Dr. Lee got him stitched up and he’s a lot an ext calm now!


Brandon is recovering nicely. He has no bald spots going on and Dr. Lee dubbed to tell that no cancer detected, therefore he was relieved. The swelling has actually gone for Jess and also she claimed it looks specifically like the looked prior to she fell. She is an ext confident and also less emphasize out and also they discovered out she is pregnant! It’s been six weeks for Leonard and also his eight looks amazing! He cure nicely and his mood is so much better!

What did you think the tonight’s episode of Dr. Pimple Popper Season 2? Dr. Lee will be back this summer through a new season, so continue to be tuned for an ext then!

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