Dragon Age: that Is Leliana, Left Hand that the Divine? Bard, Chantry put Sister, and feasible Divine candidate, Leliana is a romanceable companion for the Warden in BioWare"s Dragon period franchise.

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upon one"s an initial encounter throughout a brawl through Teryn Loghain"s guys in Dragon Age: Origins in ~ the Dane"s Refuge tavern in Lothering, Chantry lay Sister Leliana seems much more than simply a small scattered. Entering into conversation v her and also inviting she to join the party provokes the Grey Warden player character"s companions come mutter under their breath around her gift crazy. Offered the points Leliana says to the player character, they deserve to hardly it is in blamed for their reticence.

Leliana to trust the machine sent her a vision, nudging she to sign up with the Grey Warden in their search to finish the Blight. Regardless of Chantry ideas firmly stating the an equipment does not directly interact with anyone, the young lay Sister holds steady to her convictions. The machine chose her, and also she intends to watch his will done.

together the player character involves know Leliana over the course of your journey, the becomes obvious that, in spite of her skill and efficiency together an Orlesian bard, the girl is somewhat meek and also naïve. Proceeding through the game and also gaining Leliana"s trust eventually triggers an encounter v assassins that prompts she to re-publishing a dark story of betrayal that drove her away from the bard life and also into the Chantry. The player discovers Leliana"s former lover and mentor, Marjolaine, sent assassins after her, setup her up and framing her.

This quest that can be discover in Origins DLC, Leliana"s Song. The Warden have the right to either encourage Leliana to confront and kill Marjolaine, or spare she life and set her free, yet either action provokes a crisis of belief for the young woman. Leliana starts questioning even if it is she is truly faithful come the Chantry or if she just sought refuge indigenous the problem of she past. The player deserve to encourage Leliana to adopt her ruthlessness, hardening and also strengthening her, or they have the right to keep she soft by reaffirming her belief in the Maker.

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Regardless the the player"s choice, Leliana returns to the Chantry. During the events of Dragon age 2, it is uncovered that she has actually become Left Hand of the Divine Justinia V. Justinia sends out Leliana right into Kirkwall under the alias "Sister Nightingale" to evaluate the situation in between the mages and also templars and determine even if it is or no the Chantry needs to launch an Exalted March against the city to regain order.

In-game interaction with Leliana is only introduced if the player has The Exiled Prince DLC, and also Hawke walk to meet with sister Nightingale with Sebastian Vael. Leliana is also encountered in the Mark the the Assassin DLC at Chateau Haine together a guest of duke Prosper de Montfort.

Leliana"s duties as Left Hand the the Divine proceed through 2 of the Dragon Age companion novels. In David Gaider"s book, Asunder, she is current at ball organized in the Divine"s honor, and she participates in a raid top top the White Spire to free the captive mages from your tormentors. She again shows up in Patrick Weekes" The masking Empire, meeting v Empress Celene at the university of Orlais to talk about the continued strife in between the mages and also templars.

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As the tensions shift into all-out war in between mages and templars, an explosion in ~ the temple of spiritual Ashes takes the life the Leliana"s lover friend, companion and also mentor, magnificent Justinia V. In she grief, she find herself joining forces with former-templar, Cullen Rutherford, and also former-Seeker the Truth, Cassandra Pentaghast, to start the development of the Inquisition.

As the Inquisitor player character gets to recognize the spymaster, it becomes noticeable that the meek bard that struggled heavily with problems of principles in Origins is long gone. Leliana is hard and ruthless, refusing come shy away from the sometimes impossible decisions a mrs in her position must make. She doesn"t let her guard down, also as she is obviously grieving the lose of the Divine. In the moments whereby she lets herself grieve, she circles ago and begins questioning a maker who would turn his earlier on the world and enable such terrible things come happen.

as soon as Corypheus attacks the Inquisition and also destroys Haven, forcing castle to uncover a brand-new home base at Skyhold, Leliana berates herself for she sentimentality. She almost enables herself to end up being consumed, seeking vengeance versus all who ever before plotted versus Divine Justinia, however when the Inquisitor encounters the Divine in the Fade, she provides a message for she Left Hand.

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Justinia apologizes to Leliana, and says she failure her, but when the Inquisitor relates this blog post to Leliana, she doesn"t recognize what to make of it. ~ reflection (and relying on whether or no she to be hardened in Origins), Leliana will either further embrace her ruthlessness or thoughtfully identify that she is far much more than Justinia"s influence. Through the divine dead, the Chantry seeks to replace her, and also Leliana becomes one of the candidates.

As divine Victoria, Leliana works hard to right wrongs and also injustices she has constantly found reprehensible. She dissolves the circle of Magi and enables mages come live freely, admits non-humans right into Chantry priesthood positions and also stands firmly behind the Inquisition. Her methods and also her ideology are extremely opposed, and several factions rise versus her, yet Leliana remains a force to it is in reckoned with no matter the obstacles she faces.

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A Leliana that romanced the Grey Warden player character speaks fondly and also often of her love, looking front to the job they can finally reunite and spend the remainder of your days in tranquility together. Watching she grow and evolve transparent the franchise is a fascinating experience, and also one can"t aid but wonder what lies in store for Leliana, whether she"s become Divine Victoria or not, in the upcoming Dragon period 4.