“Alright so boom.” ns love when human being say that before beginning their story lol. It constantly excites me because a an excellent story is typically on hand after the classic, needs to be from brand-new York City explain is said. So v that said, i guess i owe you a an excellent story right? Well, nothing worry since it’s me creating this piece and also I have a thing with this words. “Alright so boom… this is what happened.”


At this suggest of Drake’s concert, he is damn near a 100 in its entirety player. Word to 2K and also Madden.

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The very first and last time, I had actually saw Drake was during the summer that 2009 at Lil Wayne’s “America’s most Wanted” tour avoid in Saratoga, Springs, NY. This to be a few months after ~ the “So much Gone” mixtape come out and “Best ever I Had” was climbing the Billboard charts. Ago then, Wayne had actually a point for dedicating parts of his show to new Young Money talent and also they would execute a tune or two. i remember the lights dimming transparent the structure in a purple haze and suddenly “Successful” plays. The group goes nuts and also only i do not care crazier together a young Drake comes out and also performs both records. And this was ago when Drake use to execute in his cardigans haha.

But ns couldn’t have actually image walking on 10 years without seeing Drake carry out again. Ns made attempts end the year to to visit concerts however was either damaged or unprepared. In fact, i was suppose to view Drake throughout the “Summer Sixteen” tour but the night before one that his October mirrors in Brooklyn, I obtained a email from Ticketmaster saying it was canceled because of his lingering fishing eye injury. BRUH. Once I tell you, I virtually cried top top the spot lol. Ns was for this reason hurt this happened and I didn’t offer a damn about some refund. The opportunity to watch my favorite artist perform was gone and I had to wait longer in stimulate to view him.

So the made an ext special ~ above Monday night, once I was within Madison Square Garden. This time around, there was no cancellation. Ns paid for a pretty good seat and also had top top a nice, small outfit. I also want to offer a the majority of credit to Roy Woods and also the Migos, who put on great performances and also were impressive with their vocals. However Drake? The Boy? 6 God? KING SLIME DRIZZY? oh man. I guess city hall Drake on stage was similar to seeing an good athlete at their highest peak. As fans, we can be mindful of a artist’s current status but sometimes us don’t know. Yet there was no absence of expertise on Monday night. Drake is in ~ the top of his powers and also only obtaining better.



Folks don’t even realize Drake can create a two-three hour display with EASE.

Drake’s entire set was filled with the perfect records to beat in front of a sold out crowd nearing 18,000 people. Whether it was triumphant documents such together “Started from The Bottom” and also “8 the end Of 10” to new features such together “SICKO MODE” or a standard throwback document in “Over”, Drake carry out a large arrangement that music i m sorry pleased the crowd and also kept anyone involved. Let me in reality touch ~ above the audience real quick. You can tell a an excellent majority that the concert goers were actual Drake fans, because they to be rapping and singing together with every word. Heck several of us was performing v him haha. I know, i was!

It’s rare, even for big time artists, to have actually a extremely specialized crowd be so invested in their music. Especially during this social media period where we want to capture every single moment. Ns know, i recorded quite a bit of footage however I really concentrated on enjoying the show and also taking it all in. It’s something, ns learned and also took nearby to heart after see comedian Dave Chappelle do last summer. It makes for a more fulfilling experience when you payment attention and enjoyed the show. Remember, girlfriend did pay for your ticket unless you got a cost-free one, and even then, someone had actually to pull a couple of strings with each other in order to do it happen.

Drake yes, really performed so much music, constantly involved with the crowd, and had the perfect stage set up. Drake and also his team went with having a vast stage put in the middle of the arena rather of the sides. That very same stage together with the scoreboard’s and other monitors created good 3D images during the performance in addition to HD pictures and also videos come be watched from almost everywhere in the Garden. It to be a good visual sight, flowed really well, and executed in ~ a high level for various other performers as well. They couldn’t have spent better money on phase production, to it is in honest.

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Throughout the food of Drake’s performance together with my very own rapping and also singing (Oh mine rapper hands were on POINT), ns made sure to relax and also take it every in. This is a artist that I’ve been following because I was 15-years-old and Drake’s music has end up being the soundtrack to mine life. I could remember details moments in my life due to certain songs that his. So to view Drake at Madison Square Garden, a ar I love together a brand-new York based sports fan, to be a dream come true. The energy. The crowd. The guy himself. It’s what you expect for together a concert goer. Man, i really obtained to check out Drake in tip height shape and he might have an ext levels come go… SHEESH.