Just got into dd2, and im trying to find some cool pets. Can i get these pets by grinding betsy? Or is theres a better map to farm pet eggs. Also can higher level gear still be received from lower levels. Most of my characters are lvl 50. So if i wanted to farm betsy for eggs, could i get good gear too? 

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Pet eggs can drop on any map from the Wyvern Den onward in the Campaign as well as Onslaught, Trials and Incursions. The best map to farm gear on Campaign would be Assault on Throne Room on Hard since you hardly get any XP for replaying the Harbinger"s Warship, but you will get better gear by doing Onslaught or Trials.

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They are a few special pets egg that can be purchased from the pirate lady in the private tavern or social space (town). Those cost medals, 7500 if i recall correct. Takes a few weeks to gather enough for an egg if you do dailies and weekly mission/quest. Also farming trials yield a small amount of medals, higher the trial (c7) more medals. Last time I payed attention to medals earn was around 25 per map completion if my memory serves me right, dont know about now, its been a month since i played, have been traveling.

The only way to get gold eggs which is another type, is at certain milestones in mastery challenges that I know of.

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As you progress in the game, eggs will fall like rain. You will have so many, you will wonder what the heck you are supposed to do with them all. Every Onslaught map will drop like 5 or so per a time you play it. So just keep collecting them, hatch them all at first, find ones that have stats you want, and repeat ad nausem. Once you have ones you like equipped to your heroes, you can decide to keep collecting them, or just sell them all at that point. 

I have at least 1 copy of every hatchable egg, plus a few specials, but that is just hoarding. You only need like 1 for each hero. Their attack is not very strong, and their stats bonuses are minuscule. The real benefit of having a pet is their Ability. Some abilities can help on the battlefield a lot. 

Overall pets have been totally nerfed and they are not much use in DD2. They look cool...and that is about it. A few abilities are helpful, but apart from that the whole pet system is in dire need of an overhaul. I get so many eggs every time i play, and i am like "what the heck am i supposed to do with these?" Seriously...so many eggs, so unuseful... 

So my advice is just go play. In post game, trials and Onslaught will give you all that you need. Same goes for the gear, just get into the post game. Campaign is no use to you once it"s beaten.