I feel like I worthy a round of applause due to the fact that I FINALLY conquered my biggest fear in this earthly realm, aka Mission Bingo map No. 6 native the Tsum Tsum game. And also boy, am i exhausted! i feel prefer the compensation for defeating this should have been a 3-night cruise board the Disney Fantasy. That been several days since I perfect it, however my head tho hurts.

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For any type of of you still struggling, ns felt compelled come share mine tips and the Tsum Tsums that came to be my favorites follow me the way. But first, allow me begin with a perform of the goals that i absolutely can’t aid you v at all due to the fact that they room so ridiculous. Look!:

Earn precisely 399 coins in 1 beat – No more, no less. If you go over, life’s tough. If friend score under, life’s tougher. Simply keep playing, it will happen eventually. And also while you play, curse the surname of the people who chose this as a mission.Earn a score v a critical digit of 3 – Again, simply keep playing. The dumb, the odds are 10:1 that this will happen. Curses!

Those two missions are Stoohpehd!

There is one mission that merely requires you come play the heck out of this game. If you just keep playing, like, all day, every day because that 3 days, you’ll accomplish this one:

Earn a complete of 6,000 EXP (Waaaahahahaha!)

Now stop talk about some strategy’s the can aid you knock out a couple of missions simultaneously, or in ~ least gain you closer. This Tsum Tsums will be her bestest friends forevers and also evers.


I expect you have her, and I hope she’s at the very least at Skill 2 (and for some reason, regular Elsa is much better than surprise Elsa). Here’s what Elsa can assist you with:

Use a Frozen Tsum Tsum to get in Fever 7 time in 1 beat – This one’s no too, also hard. You just have to be strategic about it. Save up Elsa’s freezing power until right when your heat meter expires. Popping that countless Tsum Tsums at when gets friend close enough to resuming fever Time.Create a “Fantastic” or much better chain – ZOMG! A “Fantastic” chain is something but because it calls for you to connect 30 Tsum Tsums in the same chain at… the… Same… TIME! !!! ! !!! I erroneously spent hours trying to perform this with Oswald and Angel, but did you know you deserve to stack up Elsa’s ability? Yeah, after freeze the bottom couple of rows, if you keep popping Tsum Tsums above the frozen line you might have the ability to activate it again, freezing much more rows. Pop them all at once and it counts as one “Fantastic” chain!!!1,800 coins in 1 play – You can need to usage bonus items, specifically 5>4 and +Coin, yet this one do not do it be too hard if friend play a important awesome game.Use the ability of a Tsum Tsum v tied hair 9 times in 1 beat – JES! Elsa’s hair is technically tied. Don’t strategically wait to use her powers, use them the 2nd you have it. It might take a couple of tries and also I recommend utilizing 5>4, but she can do this. You recognize she can!Earn 2,400,000 clues in 1 pat – The stars need to be aligned when the Tsum Tsums loss into the game and also you should also be making use of 5>4 and probably +score, however Elsa’s got dis.

Minnie Mouse


I was having actually a tough time with numerous missions. I started playing together Minnie to accomplish one in particular, however was SHOCKED when she proved way more helpful than she seemed.

Use Mickey and Friends to enter fever 8 time in 1 beat – This is the one I initially tried to usage Minnie for, and yes she can do it. She provides it simpler to achieve than Mickey or Donald. You deserve to activate her capability before heat Time is over, however wait to affix the chain of Mickeys/Minnies till you need the next Fever boost!Use a ability that call a sweetheart to earn 1,700,000 points in 1 pat – I want my mommy! This one is hard and also takes a perfect game on top of 5>4, +time and also +score. No genuine strategy various other than never stop connecting chains and also hold her breath while friend play.

Donald Duck


Whose got the sweet disposition? no Donald Duck, and certainly no you while trying come beat this mission. However there’s yes, really no various other character that can do it. Other guides tell girlfriend to use Holiday Donald, and bless friend if you have him. I don’t, so ns left through boring ol’ delight Box Donald. However whatever, I’m no bitter or anything.

Create a 250 combo in 1 play – A combo is developed by continuing to connect Tsum Tsums there is no pause. If too much time go in between, the number resets, so nothing stop. Nothing panic, continue to be calm… however don’t stop. ~ above average, it’s tough to get an ext than 80-90 combos v a regular Tsum Tsum. But Donald’s distinct skill permits your to tap separation, personal, instance Tsum Tsums to popular music them for a details amount that time and each of this counts towards a combo. For this reason again, nothing stop, keep trying and be all set to kiss the ground once you finally accomplish this mission.

Jack Skellington


If you have Holiday Donald, climate again, bless you. However if girlfriend don’t, prefer me, Jack is your only hope. And also if friend don’t have Jack, you’ve obtained jack!

Use a Premium box Tsum Tsum to do a 150 combo – Jack’s special skill allows you to tap one Tsum Tsum and also it well popular music all linked like-Tsum Tsums that touch it. It’s much faster than swiping, which is why if you play a stellar game, you have the right to do this with Jack.Use a Tsum Tsum with a mouth to clean 4,200 Tsum Tsum in total – appears weird that no all Tsum Tsums have actually mouths… but Jack does! and also with his power, this one’s not as well difficult.

Honey Pooh or White Rabbit


Preface: honey Pooh is much better than White Rabbit. Thankfully, I gained him during the minimal 30 day window he was available. If you don’t have actually him, you’ll require White rabbit to aid with these missions due to the fact that they have the right to stop time, permitting you to acquire closer come activating their following power.

Enter fever 9 times in 1 pat – This is mega-hard come do, even with stopping time. Ns recommend 5>4 +Time to get this done.Use the skill of a male Tsum Tsum 12 time in 1 pat – This sexist mission is also super difficult… unless you have the right to stop time. An excellent luck!

Miss Bunny


Seems type of funny that the most powerful character from Bambi is on display for around 3 minutes.

Use Bambi series Tsum Tsum to popular music a total of 200 Magical bubbles – Yeah, miss Bunny’s strength adds bubbles to the screen. She’s the only one that makes sense to use here.Use a hare Tsum Tsum to earn 6,000 coins in complete – This one is cumulative, so while make the efforts to attain the ahead mission, you will certainly be privately working in the direction of this one.Pop 3 Time bubbles – due to the fact that Miss Bunny bring in an ext bubbles, the likelihood of obtaining Time balloon increases.



The exorbitant thing around Tiggers is the they deserve to beat this freakin’ mission!!!

Use a happiness Box Tsum Tsum to knife 700 coins in 1 play – Okay, you have to use 5>4, +Coin and +Time and play a wonderful game on peak of that, but Tigger is basically the only delight Box Tsum Tsum who earns sufficient coins to do this easy.Use skill of a feline Tsum Tsum 12 times in 1 beat – when trying to gain to 700 coins, friend will probably come close come this with Tigger. But if you accomplish the various other goal prior to hitting this, feel totally free to shot other cats since in this case, Tigger is not the just one!

All hope is Gone

You’re top top your very own for this one:

Earn 450 EXP in 1 beat – great on those stars, friend! The amount of suffer you earn depends on a variety of factors. Your best chance because that success is if all 5 (or 4) Tsum Tsums in the present game space ones girlfriend actually own so that the an unified score is better than or equal to 450. There are specific Tsum Tsums the are an ext likely to show up depending on that you’re play as. Play about to recognize which ones offer you mostly Tsum Tsums you own, then add the 5>4 and also +EXP bonus items.

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Now the I’m done with this Bingo card, ns wish I can say that i have completed a greater state the being. But the prize at the end is just a slightly more powerful Oswald the happy Rabbit. As soon as I say “slightly,” I average 0.5 secs is included to the lot of time his ability is active………….. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!

For an ext Bingo fun, inspect out the vlog wherein I usage Tsum Tsums come play Bingo IRL and also still failure hard.