There space 3 ways to get from Boston to Iceland through plane, bus or ferry

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Bus to Hyannis, paris

take the bus from southern Station, Boston, MA to Barnstable Airport, Hyannis, MA

Boston (BOS) come Reykjavik Keflavik Nas (KEF) flights

The trip time in between Boston (BOS) and Reykjavik Keflavik Nas (KEF) is around 9h 32m and also covers a distance of approximately 2421 miles. This includes an typical layover time of around 2h 6m. The fastest trip normally bring away 5h 20m. Services are operated by Icelandair, unified Airlines, air Canada and others. Commonly 67 flights operation weekly, return weekend and holiday schedules deserve to vary so examine in advance.

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Boston (BOS) come Reykjavik Keflavik Nas (KEF) flight schedules

JetBlue Airways, Icelandair
joined Airlines
unified Airlines
wait Canada
Allowed for: Citizens and permanent inhabitants of Iceland, and also residents from EU Schengen Area (EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and also Switzerland), Andorra, Monaco, san Marino and also VaticanRestricted for: international nationals from outside Iceland through the above exceptionsShow less
Negative COVID-19 check issued at most 3 days before arrival or 14 job mandatory self-quarantineThis uses to come from unified StatesPre-arrival health declarationTravellers issued v the EU Digital COVID Certificate space exempt indigenous quarantine and also COVID-19 testingPassenger Locator kind (PLF) requiredThis uses to arrivals from all countries, through no exceptionsShow an ext details

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Negative COVID-19 test issued at most 3 days before arrival or 14 day mandatory self-quarantineThis doesn"t apply to arrivals from: GreenlandPre-arrival wellness declarationTravellers issued with the EU Digital COVID Certificate room exempt from quarantine and COVID-19 testingPassenger Locator kind (PLF) requiredThis applies to arrivals from every countries, v no exceptionsShow less