Find info about flight duration, direct flights, and also airports for your flight from Boston to Puerto Rico
Best Price Found$97The ideal flight deal from Boston to Puerto Rico discovered on in the critical 72 hrs is $97
Fastest trip time3h 59mThe fastest flight from Boston to Puerto Rico take away 3h 59m
Direct flightsFri and SatDirect flights go from Boston come Puerto Rico ~ above Friday and also Saturday. The just airline offering straight flights is JetBlue.

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Look no further. We"ve gone v all the searches for this route on so you have the crucial information and also insights to uncover the cheapest flight ticket for her trip
What is the cheapest airline that flies to Puerto Rico native Boston?Frontier

American Airlines, Delta, and also Frontier are the most famous carriers operation from Boston come Puerto Rico

What is the cheapest Boston come Puerto Rico trip route?

Boston Logan Intl - mountain Juan louis Munoz Marin Intl

Fly from Boston Logan Intl to mountain Juan luis Munoz Marin Intl for the finest Boston - Puerto Rico flight prices

Below you can see the ideal fares for your round-trip trip route end the next three months. Every fares were discovered on this week. Browser the quickest and also cheapest flights from Boston come Puerto Rico by changing tabs

If you"re searching for one-way flights indigenous Boston come Puerto Rico, view several of our deals below provided by Frontier and also Spirit Airlines


There to be a great amount of room for foot room. This was just a 2 1/2 hour flight so that there to be no need for any type of kind that entertainment. The food and also drink were not free, yet I expected that. As such I have actually no genuine opinion ~ above the high quality of either. The aircraft was very clean and the attendants to be friendly. I would fly Frontier again.


Flight attendant for first class is definitely not a morning person. Oh and the WiFi DID no WORK!

Are airlines flying from Boston Logan Intl to Puerto Rico supplying flexible cancellation due to COVID-19?To lull the stress and anxiety of booking flights, some of our airline partners flying from Boston Logan Intl come Puerto Rico space responding to the worldwide pandemic. The following airlines may have actually a functional cancellation plan to assist accommodate travelers: JetBlue, heart Airlines, and United Airlines.

Can i fly to Puerto Rico from Boston Logan Intl ideal now?

Show much more information on COVID restrictions
Information is based on travel limitations from Boston Logan Intl to Puerto RicoMost tourists from Boston Logan Intl require to administer a negative COVID-19 test an outcome and/or quarantine to go into Puerto Rico.COVID-19 testing requirementsVisitors from Boston Logan Intl must existing a an adverse RT-PCR (NAAT) check taken 72 hours before departing come Puerto Rico.Quarantine requirementsVisitors native Boston Logan Intl space not forced to quarantine after ~ entering Puerto Rico.DocumentsTravel Declaration type - should be completed prior to travel come Puerto Rico.
Returning to Boston Logan Intl indigenous Puerto RicoCOVID-19 experimentation requirements
Visitors from Puerto Rico must present a an adverse RT-PCR (NAAT) or Antigen (quick-test) test taken 72 hours prior to departing come Boston Logan Intl.Quarantine requirementsVisitors from Puerto Rico are not compelled to quarantine after entering Boston Logan Intl.

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If you space planning to travel to Puerto Rico in ~ this time, it is recommended the you remain up to date on current restrictions and follow proper safety procedures while in public.
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