Season 9’s Fortbyte system holds strong, releasing a single an obstacle each day, often an ext involved than a common weekly an obstacle that encourage players to login routinely (and view their Epic’s offerings the course). Much more specifically, the Fortbyte device is an interesting blend of continuous weekly obstacles mixed through a ‘collectibles’ format scavenger hunt. There space 100 Fortbytes in total and one is released every 24 hours. Every Fortbyte has instructions top top where and how friend can uncover it, yet some room a bit more difficult to track down that others.

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This write-up is concentrated on Fortbyte #16, which asks you come track down an unnamed location based upon a roundabout hint.

Fortbyte #16: found In A Desert house With Too countless Chairs Map Location


Fortbyte #16 itself is situated in the southernmost residence of this town. If you dropping in from the fight Bus, this residence will have actually two couch chairs on the roof together with a telescope. On the ground, the north entrance (main residence entrance), is clogged by an additional couch chair. The eastern ground entrance has the window filled in by two couch chairs (hence too plenty of chairs). The Fortbyte will be relaxing on the floor floor the this home in the main bedroom, alongside the bed. Simply connect with it and you’re finished

Fortbyte #16: uncovered In A Desert residence With Too numerous Chairs video Guide

This is an additional interesting Fortbyte that doesn’t really require a time invest in Season 9 come obtain, however it does need some understanding of the larger area of the map to track down quickly. Especially, since it’s buried in a town complete of dwellings that require checking, thanks to the absence of specificity through the hint.

We have actually a masterlist of all the Fortbytes exit to date, through accompanying guides for each one wherein applicable to help you sort through them all.

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