Data released by piracy surveillance firm MUSO says that the seventh season of game of Thrones was pirated an ext than one billion times. Many of the traffic was produced by unauthorized streaming services, through torrent and direct downloads audit for simply a little piece that the pie, around fifteen percent.

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Andy Chatterley, MUSO’s CEO and Co-Founder, notes that the miscellaneous leaks might have contributed to this high numbers. This is sustained by the finding the the sixth episode, i m sorry leaked numerous days in advance, was pirated much more than the season finale.

“It’s no secret that HBO has been plagued by security breaches transparent the latest season, which has actually seen some episodes leak prior to broadcast and included to unlicensed activity,” Chatterley says.

In addition, the data shows that in spite of a heavy emphasis on torrent traffic, unauthorized streaming is a much bigger difficulty for rightsholders.

“In addition to the range of piracy once it involves popular shows, this numbers show that unlicensed streaming have the right to be a far more far-reaching type that piracy 보다 torrent downloads.”

Although the report shares an accurate numbers, it’s probably best to explain them as estimates.

The streaming data MUSO consists is sourced indigenous SimilarWeb, which offers a sample the 200 million ‘devices’ to estimate website traffic. The sample data consist of thousands of popular pirate sites and is extrapolated right into the totals.

While much more than a exchange rate downloads room pretty significant, to say the least, MUSO is not also looking at the full pirate landscape.

For one, Muso’s streaming data doesn’t incorporate Chinese traffic, i beg your pardon usually has actually a very active piracy community. Together if that’s not enough, different pirate sources such as fully-loaded Kodi boxes, are not consisted of either.

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It’s clear though, i m sorry doesn’t really come together a surprise, that video game of Thrones piracy as whole is still very significant. The torrent numbers might not have grown in current years, but streaming seems to be making up for it and also probably including a few dozen million extra, provide or take.

Total worldwide Downloads and Streams by Episode

Episode one: 187,427,575Episode two: 123,901,209Episode three: 116,027,851Episode four: 121,719,868Episode five: 151,569,560Episode six: 184,913,279Episode seven (as of 3rd Sept): 143,393,804All episode Bundles – Season 7: 834,522TOTAL (as of 3rd September) = 1,029,787,668