Deacon David Tao Duc Phan and also family wants to express your special many thanks to anyone for attending his Thanksgiving Mass and the reception. May the lord bless each among you with tranquility love and also joy. Please continue to pray because that his dea-conate ministry.

November is the month the Church designates to pray for all the faithful departed. Ns ask all of you to take an extra effort to attend masses, to visit the cemeteries and also those who room homebound and, in the hospital, come pray for all the faithful depart-ed. You re welcome be donate of PSA 2021 our bishop needs our generosity. Our brand-new building and the Shrine of our Lady of La Vang’s building will begin now. May the mr bless each among you for her love, support, and generosity to our parish!

The central message that today’s readings is the most basic principle of every religions, particularly Christianity. It is to love God in love others and to love others in love God. In various other words, it is loving God living in others. The prayers, scriptures reading, sacraments, sacrifices and also all other spiritual practices room meant to help us prosper in this relationship of love. The an initial reading presents Moses as explaining the legislation to the Israelites after his return from mount Sinai. That tries to do the world reverence and obey the law as something the will lug them dignity and also purpose, stature and difference and a distinctive place in history. The reminds united state to love God by keeping His commandments. He additionally describes the blessing re-served for those that obey the commandments. The 2nd reading tells us how Jesus, the eternal and holy high priest, offered himself as a sacrifice on the cross to demonstrate God’s love for us. Paul affirms the Jesus, the new High Priest, is exceptional to the old High priests for 3 reasons: a) that doesn"t die and so doesn"t need to be replaced generation after gen-eration. B) that is sinless, for this reason he need not market sacrifices because that his very own sins. C) The Jewish priests were appointed follow to the Law, yet Jesus is appointed by the word of God. In today’s Gospel a Scribe request Jesus to summarize the many im-portant the the Mosaic regulations in one sentence. Jesus cited the first sentence that the Jewish Shema prayer: "Hear, O Israel, the mr our God is mr alone! Therefore, friend shall love the Lord, your God, v all your heart, and with all your soul, and also with all your strength" (Deuteronomy 6:4). Then He included its security law: “You candlestick love her neighbor together your-self"(Leviticus 19:18). Thus, Jesus says that true religious beliefs is loving God and also loving our other human us at the very same time, which way the only method a person can demonstrate real love that God is by showing genuine, active love because that his neighbor. How carry out we love God? We must keep God"s commandments, and offer day-to-day prayers that thanksgiving, praise and petition. We must likewise read and also meditate ~ above His indigenous in the Bible and attend Mass and also other liturgical functions. If ns am going to love God through all mine heart, soul, mind and also strength, then ns am walk to have to place His will certainly ahead of mine. It method that i may need to say no to some points that I could want come do. It way that ns am going to have to seek the Lord"s will and make the paramount in my life. Loving our neighbor: This method that we have to help, support, encourage, forgive, and pray because that everyone, there is no discrimination based upon color, race, gender, age wealth or social status. If ns am going to love my neighbor together I love myself, it will price me as well! ns may need to seek forgiveness as soon as I have actually done no wrong.

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Ns may have to sacrifice something ns think I require to accomplish a brother"s need.

Sincerely your in Jesus Christ and also Our Lady the La Vang!Rev. Joseph Luan NguyenPastor