This is a entry blog for any type of female identifying individuals trying to find other female identifying individuals. Feel cost-free to submit a photo of yourself, a descripiton, and your URL.

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hey!! i’m 15 i’m searching for a relationship but i’m open to being friends together well:) i live in the USA. I choose to play video clip games, i’m a agree at cod (i swear) if you want to acquire to know me feel complimentary to blog post me here or top top insta! (i prefer older girls but ages 14-19)

insta: _ccristaaalll_

my blog:

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Hi, I’m Kyrie, live in The Netherlands, 25 and also a complete geek as soon as it involves philosophy, photography, books and anything pertained to nature. (my dream is come live top top a farm later on with 20 dogs.) i usually have a rough time connecting with people, so come and also talk to me. :) i swear i’m a friendly heart that wants to hear to everyone’s stories and also experiences. (got a large interest in what made you together the human that you room these days.)let’s come to be friends, share your journey with me and play chess.

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My girlfriend and I.