Product dimensions - 2.80in D x 3.11in W x 3.78in HCare accuse - Clear: Dishwasher Safe, Color: Hand wash OnlyProp 65 Compliant - BPA Free. Lead Free.An 8oz. Container will organize 12oz. Of love husband weightLabel Measurement- 0.5"H x 0.5"L : 12.7mm x 12.7mmCustom colors accessible with an 8-12 week lead time. Call your sales rep for more information.

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12+ because that $4.47 ea ($53.64 cs)

120+ because that $3.54 ea ($42.48 cs)

1200+ for $2.93 ea ($35.16 cs)

Pallet Count 1848+ for $2.77 ea ($33.24 cs)




Customer"s love the recycle glass jar with attached spoon accessory by This practical an option in product packaging is appropriate for bathtub salts, honey, spices, and also so lot more. The eye-catching style has a volume of 8.5oz (250ml) and also includes a glass take care of that stop a bamboo spoon perfect for measuring simply the appropriate amount that product. Great for use through food items or bath and body products that require simply a spoonful or two. The glass containers room made from recycled materials and can be re-used v ease. Hand to wash only.
Material type
Soda Lime Glass
Recycled content
volume Oz
volume ML
Cap size
Cap layout
3 3/4"

suggested Uses
Candle, Bath,
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1. Glass bottles and jars are made by approaches that allow for slight variations in size and volume. Party openings may vary by 0.7mm / 0.03in. for straight corks. You re welcome ask your sales rep first.

2. If notified agglomerated corks for bottles, directly corks or synthetic corks room recommended for use v liquids. It is recommended to test every corks caps and also closures in basic prior to purchasing in bulk.

3. All colored items are painted and also baked v lead totally free paint. Sport in color may exist. Wash by hand with warmth soapy water.

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