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Select a path --Select Route--ROUTE 27 - COMMUTE BUS path ROUTE 30 - an easy BUS route ROUTE 40 - straightforward BUS route ROUTE 54 - COMMUTE BUS course ROUTE 70 - simple BUS course ROUTE 72 - COMMUTE BUS route ROUTE 101 - basic BUS path

Visiting the Bridge

Each year the gold Gate bridge attracts much more than 10 million tourists to take it in its incredible 746-foot high towers, sweeping key cables, signature global Orange color and also Art Deco styling. That is a sensory experience featuring color, light and also sound.

What to Do throughout Your Visit valuable information because that planning her visit.

Share your Thoughts! Bike safety and security on the golden Gate Bridge

We need your input around bike security on the golden Gate Bridge.Over the next several weeks, you"ll have actually the opportunity to review our bicycle security study and policies, and also to participate in a publicly comment forum. Read more

Sail & Rail $12 Fares!

Golden gate Ferry & the Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit district (SMART) room pleased come announce the Sail & Rail promotion fare for 2021! Read much more

FasTrak Tolling worry Update

A small variety of customers in two-axle vehicles (e.g. A vehicle or pickup truck) were overcharged in ~ the multi-axle toll rate (e.g. A auto towing a trailer or a semi-trailer truck). We are working to determine the influenced transactions and also will be refunding all customers v overcharged tolls because of this issue. Read an ext

GGB momentary Weeknight roadway Closures

Through 2021, the gold Gate bridge will have overnight roadway closures each weeknight to enable for building of the self-destruction Deterrent System. The leg roadway will certainly REMAIN open to all automobile traffic at all times. Read an ext

Help for human being Trafficking Victims

The golden Gate Bridge, Highway and also Transportation district joins a statewide initiative to notify the public and also victims of human being trafficking of methods to seek aid or report unlawful activity. Read more

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Hurting? uncover Help

If girlfriend or who you know is in a crisis, help is available! Call, text, or visit the san Francisco Suicide prevention website. Read much more

Come work with Us

The District uses career opportunities for positive and motivated team players who desire to be component of and also contribute to our mission. The mission the the district is to carry out safe and reliable operation, maintenance and also enhancement that the gold Gate Bridge and to administer transportation services, as sources allow, because that customers within the U.S. Highway 101 golden Gate Corridor.