Baker County, Oregon - • Owners Will consider Dividing right into Smaller ParcelsLocated in in history gold-rich Baker County, Oregon • Unpatented contiguous claims totaling around 2,450 acres • The High Bar chin is approx. 400 acres. The surrounding insurance claims (United Mining and also referenced in the historic documents, as well as Pine Creek) are approx. 2,000 acres and included in this sale.

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• authorized 20 YearPlan of Operationfor 217 acres • Currently authorized for 6,000 cubic yards/day of mining • High Bar is a placer gold deposit • No overburden; gold recovery starts at the surface • united Mining and Metals historical files reference areas up to $129-$450/cu. Yd in ~ $1250 gold, including large specimen gold
2 Wells on Property, extr Water accessible from the burned River native the initial United Mining and Metals point of Diversion (P.O.D.)
• first Well is solid (approx. 200 gpm) and also has produced over 24million gallons that water. 2nd well is strong, waiting for final gpm outcomes
Long mining season
• High Bar is no in a far region; easy access to parts, supplies and also labor • check holes over a huge part of the plateau present defined strata • property is straightforward to test
Terms accessible to standard Buyers.

The High Bar gold Mine is a placer gold deposit located in Baker county Oregon and consists of around 2,450 acres of unpatented contiguous mining claims. The mine has an approved 20 year arrangement of procedure to mine 6,000 cubic yards per day.

United Mining and also Metals historical papers reference locations up to $129/cubic garden at $1250 gold, including specimen gold. It should be emphasized that there is NO OVERBURDEN to deal with on this claims. During the very first series of experimentation the present owner"s first gold clean the end was end 80 ounces!

The High Bar Mine residential or commercial property has great water fine which has created over 23 million gallons at about 200 gallons per minute.

The High Bar property can be spilt right into smaller cases with some claims having the capacity to purchase water. The sales price does not include any processing or restore equipment yet this might be obtainable to the the person who lives for secondary cost.

The High Bar Mine has actually a lengthy mining season and it is is no in a far location offering easy access to parts, supplies, and labor.

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to see much more information around the mine including current and also historical documents, visit the mine web-site at

Terms available to standard Buyers.

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Gold discovered on the High Bar Mine varies from large nuggets to little coarse gold and also fine gold


High Bar Plateau


Concrete pad with date at the allude of Diversion


This water well has actually produced virtually 24 million gallons at around 200 gallons every minute!


Although no processing and also recovery tools is contained with the High Bar Mine sale, it might be obtainable to a prospective buyer. Photograph shows mass test plant and retaining wall.