Oh Don’t perform It, additionally known as Hoe Don’t execute It, is a collection of Vines remix videos special a variety of failure or prank video clip clips set to an audio record of a guy repeating the phrase in rhythm, in a comparable vein come the carry out It because that The Vine series.

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On august 26th, 2014, Viner ttylctrn uploaded a video titled "Mane Tried to Punk Out!", featuring a clip that a young man dancing to the hip hop tune "Ad-lib Freestyle"<1> by Krew-libs when his friend urges him (shown below). Within seven months, the video clip gained over four million loops, 86,000 likes and also 56,000 revines.

bq.Camera Man: "Bruh, just go bruh. Right now hurry up. Hoe don"t do it. Five my god."

strokinhersoul<2> tweeted the initial Vine video. On January 19th, Viner GotDamnZo uploaded a video clip in which that knocks a woman to the ground in sync v the audio native Viner ttylctrn"s video clip (shown below). In 2 months, the video clip received an ext than 2.1 million loops and 51,000 likes.

On January 24th, YouTuber King Vine uploaded a compilation of noteworthy "Oh Don"t carry out It" Vines (shown below, left). The same day, YouTuber Crey Crey uploaded an extensive version of the original Vine video, acquiring upwards the 1.7 million views and also 620 comment in 2 months (shown below).

On February 1st, the FyreHouseMusic Soundcloud page uploaded a hip hop track titled "Hoe Don"t carry out It," featuring audio samples native the initial Vine (shown below). In the very first six weeks, the song obtained over 90,000 plays and 1,900 likes.






While newly the meme has actually been obtaining attention for mark Zuckerberg having a bottle of Sweet baby Ray"s ~ above a shelf behind him throughout the on facebook to Meta announcement, in fact this has actually been walking on for over 3 years. Ever due to the fact that his infamous "Smoking Meats" video, Zuckerberg has never shied away from the opportunity to flex his love for the sauce.

The collection genial environment has led because that droll memes, often around amateurs trying your best and failing.

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