To open up this up, I'm going come say that Hoodie is no a creepypasta. Look at around. Have actually youever read an main creepypasta ~ above him? No, girlfriend haven't because he is not creepypasta. He falls under the group of Slenderverse. His creators have also said that all of the personalities of Marble Hornets are not creepypastas and do not autumn under the category.

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Okay, I should stop and also clarify. Hoodie is a personality from a YouTube display called Marble Hornets. Ns won't reveal any spoilers for those who haven't checked out it but, if you want to usage the character, i think you should. The exact same thing goes because that him; if friend haven't viewed the show, you shouldn't be utilizing his character. If you shot to write him based turn off of what you've checked out in stories, climate you space doing that wrong.

Hoodie is no some shy, stuttering weakling who complies with Masky around and blushes with every little thing he says. If anything, ns think Hoodie is more devious and also cunning than Masky. If you have actually seen the show, you'll notice Hoodie is the one who pulls the strings and also comes up v the plans when Masky is the one that acts the end the plans. Troy and Joseph, the creators of Marble Hornet's, have actually said us that, "We kinda watch Hoodie and Masky as 2 sides of the same coin. Conversely, is the more physical , Hoodie is the more surreal guy trying to collection everyone up."

Now, I'm not going to say much about Hoodie, because there isn't too lot to say without revealing spoilers. Ns will, however, speak a bit about his behaviorism and also stuff.

1.) ​Hoodie is a shrewd bastard you execute not desire to meet.

2.) ​He is against the Operator, not for him. If anything, one might even walk as far as speak he has actually an faulty alliance through Masky, since in part entry's Hoodie does assault Masky. However, over there are likewise entries whereby the two occupational together. Mine guess is the Hoodie's partnership v Masky relies on whether Masky is put on his mask or not. I can be wrong but I'm relatively certain that every time they hit it's when Masky is without his mask and also every time they occupational together is once Masky has his mask on.

3.)​ Hoodie is no the main name for him. In the show, he has actually no name for as soon as he has actually his mask on. That does have a name, however I will not expose that because it's a large spoiler for the show. Anyways, earlier on the topic, the creators have actually said in one interview that the surname "Hoodie" is a fan provided name. I'm no saying friend shouldn't use it, simply that it's no his official name.

4.) ​Hoodie is silent and keeps his identity really well hidden. The doesn't talk at every in any type of of the entries he's presented in, he renders no noises, and when he does take turn off the mask if he has actually a camera with him, that is very careful to make certain the camera is in ~ an edge to whereby you can't watch his face. The creators go so much to hide his identification that they had actually him undertake gloves so no crazy fans could shot to analyze his hands and figure out that he is.

5.)​ he wears a mask. That is no his really face. As a issue of fact, the is a poorly make mask. It was something Troy developed on accident as soon as he spilled bleach on a black color shirt while he was trying to do the Hoodie mask.

6.)​ Hoodie provides like zero fucks. No fucks space given around him. Although Masky is the one who usually does the fighting, Hoodie will not hesitate to chaos you up. He will damage your life and give increase all your secrets.

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Alright, well that's usually it. Every the information I have given is all facts from one of two people Troy, Joseph or Tim, or ns picked it increase myself native watching the show. I extremely recommend you clock the show if friend haven't viewed it already. They have actually come up with a second series called Clear Lakes 44, i beg your pardon is supposedly bound in through Marble Hornets and also they likewise have your own personal channel referred to as THAC (Troy has A Camera). Inspect it the end for more content native the creators the Marble Hornets (though they're monster af, simply warning).