LA Capone (born – Leonard Anderson) was a rapper whose very first mixtape to be released posthumously by his friends, featuring some of his singles such as “The Gat” and “So Loud.”


He was born on September 18, 1996, in the south Side that Chicago, Illinois, USA. His parental separated once he was an extremely young. Anderson invested his childhood v his mother, Dedra Morris.

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Leonard developed an interest in rap music in ~ a young age and also started listening to Drill-music (a layout of trap music that originated in the southern Side the Chicago in the beforehand 2010s).

Anderson came to be a part of the black Disciples gang and was closely associated with Lil Durk.

In 2011, Lil Durk formed a collective called ”Only the Family,” which had Leonard in the mix.

His songs, like many other drill music, illustrated his everyday life together a black color Disciples corridor member.


On September 26, 2013, if leaving the record studio about 6:00 PM, a gunman approached him and also shot him when in the thigh.

Amina Greer, a Chicago Police department spokeswoman, said:

”The 17-year-old rapper to be walking v an alley close to 70th Street and Stony Island Avenue approximately 6:25 p.m. When shots rang out and also he to be hit in his appropriate thigh and also lower back.”

He tragically bled the end on the operation table. According to the cook County medical Examiner’s Office, Leonard was pronounced dead in ~ 8:33 p.m. In ~ Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

After the shooting, other rapper Lil Durk tweeted:

“Get well lil bro.”

Then adhered to it up through a later on tweet of: “rip lil bro” ~ Anderson died about 8:30 p.m. At Northwestern Hospital.

His mother said:

“They said he was losing too lot blood. They stopped it twice, but the 3rd time he quit breathing.”

She later added:

”I guess that got tired of trying to fight.”

Dedra Morris additionally said that Leonard had just rotate 17, and also a date of birth cake to be still sitting in she kitchen come celebrate.

In 2014, three people were fee in link to the death of Leonard: Michael Mays (21) and also Sakhee Hardy-Johnson (17) – both members the 051 Young Money, and also Meiko Buchanan (22).

Michael Mays and also Sakhee Hardy-Johnson were charged v 1st-degree murder, if Meiko Buchanan, who authorities case was the driver that a tail car, was additionally charged in connection with Leonard’s murder.

Moreover, lock admitted to being within a parked vehicle:

“that would certainly run interference in the event that police officers arrived on the scene.”

According to cook County court records, in 2016, Meiko Buchanan (25) pleaded guilty to two counts that murder before Judge Maura Slattery Boyle. Judge Slattery Boyle sentenced Meiko to 45 years in prison, according to court records.

Buchanan will receive credit for 802 days served in the chef County Jail and must serve 3 years of supervised release.

On October 6, 2016, Michael Mays (24) to be convicted come 24 year in prison for the murder of Leonard. He was moved to Stateville Correctional center on Thursday, march 30, 2017.

Mays has an expected release date of august 8, 2041, and also a projected parole day scheduled because that August 6, 2038.

In 2017, Sakhee Hardy-Johnson (20) had actually been uncovered guilty in link with the shooting the Sakhe admitted come aiding by waiting in a parked automobile with to plan to operation interference if police officers came down on the scene. Sakhee Hardy-Johnson is offer a 60-year prison sentence because that the killing of Leonard.

Momma Capone wrote in the caption of a photo of L’A Capone ~ above Instagram:

600boy_la im so tired however I never provided up. I dealt with real hard to gain that justice for you favor I promised #3guiltyverdicts #justice4LA. You deserve to rest and also so deserve to I.”

Age the Death

Leonard was only 17 year old at the time he was killed.

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Since Anderson belonged to a gang named ”600,” he had many foes from competitor gangs, favor – ”051 Young Money” and also ”Gangster Disciples” (a criminal street gang that was formed in the Southside the Chicago in the late 1960s).

Leonard’s mother, Dedra Morris, claimed her child was nearby friends through Lil Durk for five years and also appeared in several of Lil Durk’s videos.

After pass away, his affiliates released a mixtape title ”King LA for Him.” The mixtape was released posthumously, featuring several of his singles, favor – “The Gat,” ”Round Here,” ”Play for Keeps,” and “So Loud.” The mixtape has been uploaded to YouTube.

Other famous artists room Illenium, Mozart La Para, and Charlie Starr.

LA Capone – net Worth

Anderson’s best hits to be released posthumously. But, that still released numerous singles prior to he was shot. Also, before L’A’s death, he was in the middle of considering a few record deals, one of them being with Chief Keef’s Glo Gang.

Therefore, at the time of his death, rapper LA Capone had an approximated net worth of $100,000.

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Currently, every the income generated by his songs goes come his mom – Dedra Morris.