The urges all taxpayers to continue practicing society distancing and support businesses while saving money on tax-free purchase of most clothing, footwear, school supplies and backpacks (sold for much less than $100) throughout the annual Tax-Free weekend. Qualifying items have the right to be purchased tax free from a keep or indigenous an online or directory seller doing organization in In most cases, you perform not require to provide the seller an exemption certificate to buy qualifying items taxation free.

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This year sales taxation holiday starts Friday, Aug. 5, and goes v midnight Sunday, Aug. 7.

The sales taxes exemption applies only to qualifying items girlfriend buy during the sales taxation holiday. Items you buy before or after ~ the sales taxation holiday perform not qualify because that exemption, and there is no taxes refund available.

Online Purchases and also Telephone Orders

During the Tax-Free Weekend, you can buy qualifying items online or by telephone, mail, tradition order or any type of other means (including in-store purchases) tax free, when either

the item is both delivered, and also paid for, by the customer throughout the exemption; or the client orders and pays for the item, and also the seller accepts the order throughout the exemption duration for immediate shipment, even if delivery is make after the exemption period ends.

A seller accepts an order as soon as the seller has actually acted to fill the stimulate for prompt shipment.

An bespeak is filled for immediate delivery regardless of whether the shipment is delayed because of a backlog of assignment or since stock is right now unavailable to, or on back order by, the seller.

In-Store Purchases

The’s office urges every taxpayers buying details qualifying items in ~ their local retailers to practice appropriate social distancing as explained in the facility for disease Control and also Prevention guidelines during the sales taxation holiday.

Qualifying Items

Clothing and also Footwear

Qualifying Items

During the sales taxation holiday, you have the right to buy many footwear and clothing (sold for less than $100) taxation free. You execute not require to give the seller one exemption certificate.

The exemption applies to every eligible item marketed for less than $100, and also there is no limit to the number of qualifying items you have the right to buy.

For example, if friend buy 2 shirts for $80 each, every shirt qualifies for the exemption since each is much less than $100, even though the full purchase price is $160.

Items That execute Not Qualify

The adhering to items do not qualify because that exemption throughout the sales taxation holiday:

items offered for $100 or moreclothing subscription boxesspecially-designed athletic activity or protective-use clothing or footwearFor example, golf cleats and also football pads are usually worn only when world play golf or football, for this reason they carry out not qualify for the exemption.Tennis shoes, jogging suits and also swimsuits, however, have the right to be worn for various other than athletic activity and qualify for the or footwear rentals, alterations (including embroidery) and also cleaning servicesitems supplied to do or fix clothing, such together fabric, thread, yarn, buttons, snaps, hooks and zippersjewelry, handbags, purses, briefcases, luggage, umbrellas, wallets, watches and other accessoriescomputerssoftwaretextbookscertain package items (see below)unspecified school supplies (see below)Face Masks

Cloth and also disposable fabric face masks meet the definition of an short article of clothing and are exempt from sales tax throughout the upcoming Sales tax Holiday.

The statute particularly excludes special garments or footwear the is mainly designed because that athletic task or security use and also that is not normally worn other than when supplied for the activity. Industrial or clinical grade masks (e.g. N95 or other masks designed as an individual protective equipment) or various other similar personal protection tools are no exempt during the sales taxation holiday.

If a towel or disposable towel face mask is offered with a filter, the mask is exempt during the holiday; however, replacement filters are taxable.

For extr information about the upcoming sales taxes holiday see rule 3.365, Sales taxation Holiday – Clothing, Shoes and also School Supplies.


During the sales taxation holiday, college student backpacks sold for less than $100 room exempt native tax.

The exemption has backpacks through wheels and also messenger bags. You can buy up to 10 backpacks tax complimentary at one time without offering an exemption certificate to the seller.

Baggage items That carry out Not Qualify

The following items perform not qualify because that this exemption:

framed backpacksluggagebriefcasesathletic, duffle or gym bagscomputer bags pursesSchool Supplies

Only specific school offers sold for less than $100 qualify for the exemption, and also an exemption certificate is no required.

Special Purchases

School provides Purchased utilizing a company Account – Exemption Certificate Required

If you buy qualifying school offers under a business account, girlfriend must provide a appropriately completed form 01-339, Sales and Use taxes Exemption Certificate (PDF), to the seller.

"Under a service account" way you are:

using a organization credit card or company check and not a personal credit card or an individual check; being billed under a service account kept by the seller; orusing a service membership at a membership-based retailer.Layaways

During the sales taxes holiday, you have the right to buy qualifying items tax complimentary when you:

make the last payment on an item currently on layaway; orchoose an item and location it top top layawaySpecial Orders and also Rain Checks

During the sales taxes holiday, you deserve to buy qualifying items taxes free, also if the items need to be ordered.

For example, if girlfriend pay because that an $80 shirt that have to be special-ordered or is on earlier order, and also you choose up the shirt after the sales taxes holiday, climate it quiet qualifies for the exemption.

If you buy the qualifying article after the sales tax holiday, a distinct order made or rain examine given during the sales taxes holiday does not qualify the item for exemption.

For example, if you ar a special order (or obtain a rain check) come buy a $50 shirt and also do not pay for the shirt during the sales tax holiday, climate the shirt is taxable.

Additional Charges influence the Sales Price

Delivery, Shipping, Handling and Transportation Charges

Delivery, shipping, handling and transportation charges by the seller are component of the item’s sales price.

Since clothing, backpacks and also school supplies need to be less than $100 come qualify, you have to look in ~ the item’s complete sales price to determine if you can buy it taxes free.

For example, you buy a pair of jeans for $95 through a $10 delivery charge because that a complete price the $105. Due to the fact that the jeans’ complete price is more than $100, tax is early out on the entire $105 price.

If a shipment charge is billed per item, and also an invoice has both exempt and taxable items, just the qualifying exempt item’s distribution charge is exempt.

If the shipment charge is a flat rate per package, and also the amount charged is the same regardless that how countless items are included in the package, the full charge have the right to be meeting to any one of the item in the package.

Sales taxes Holiday Refund Requests

If you pay sales tax on qualifying items throughout the sales taxes holiday, you deserve to ask the seller for a refund that the taxes paid. The seller have the right to either grant the refund or carry out their client with kind 00-985, Assignment to ideal to Refund (PDF), which permits the purchaser to paper the refund insurance claim directly through the’s office.

Sellers – What You need to Know

Advertising for Non-Qualifying Items

If you offer items that do not qualify for the sales taxes holiday exemption, you can advertise the you are paying the sales taxes for her customers. The following conditions apply:

You must indicate in an advertising or statement that you space paying sales taxes for her customer;You might not indicate or imply that the sale is exempt or excluded native tax; andAny purchaser"s receipt or explain you carry out to your customer must individually state the lot of sales tax and indicate the taxation will be payment by the seller.Reporting Tax

If you marketed qualifying item tax totally free during the sales taxation holiday, only encompass these tax-free sales in complete Sales (Item 1) of her sales taxes return. Carry out not include your tax-free sales in Taxable Sales (Item 2).

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Be aware, if you marketed qualifying exempt items and accumulated sales tax, then you must remit it come our office.