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This quiz will certainly test if you space as Mexican as you think you can be. It will ask various questions top top the Mexican society to test her knowledge and the lot of exposure you have had actually to it from the food, to music, and also family.

Or probably you room not mexico at all and also know nothing about the culture or people and this will certainly be your very first time learning around it. Or probably you have been exposed to several of it the basics and you want to test just how much it has actually been.

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Created by: Graciela

Where is Mexico? phibìc America Uumm ns don"t recognize What the hell is Mexico Latin AmericaQue estoy diciendo? What the hell! Uumm que way what right? ns forgot the lesson You"re questioning me what you"re sayingHave you ever before been hit through a chancla? Si no really Uummm what is a chancla? Speak english!Are friend or everyone in your family named Maria? Si toda la familia Yeah ns think their is a pair I know a Maria indigenous the taco shop What kinda surname is Maria?On your birthday does your family members sing Happy birthday? No we sing ras mananitas (I understand it"s missing the squiggly line) certain unless us go to mine grandmas residence Yeah What the hell rather it there?Do friend eat tamales and champurrado because that Christmas? Si pues que mas hay Uummm sure I"ve had that What the hell is champurrado ns think I had tamales when We eat American food choose turkey and eggnogDo friend live at your best friends houses and call their parents mom and dad? Yeah yet I contact them mama and also papa (I recognize I"m absent the interval mark) just my ideal friend No i only have actually one set of parents Why would I carry out that they would certainly think I"m weirdHas words guey ever before left her mouth? Si todo el tiempo i heard some people say that What? No Ok can we stop speaking MexicanHave you ever been questioned by the border patrol? yeah those bastards! Maybe when No just the normal concerns if ns crossed the border Hell no they are there to prevent all those illegals native crossing right into our country not meWhat is a molcajete? five you do salsa with that ns don"t understand I the a mexico restaurant Again through the mexican talkHave you ever before had Mariachi for your birthday? What is that??? Don"t lock walk about in mexican restaurants? Uumm ns heard of that my grandpa had it SiDo all her male family members drink at family reunions? and also end increase dancing on a table practically falling of through your aunt screaming for him to come down? They obtain drunk No That occurred once that is EVERY family reunionTruthfully how plenty of siblings do you have? solitary child or 1 choose 3 I have actually 2 Wow favor 5 that we know ofLastly do you have a favorite novela? What is a novela? i watched one with my nana an ext than one La fea mas bella, and also RBD the list continues I provide up!!!

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Quiz topic: how Mexican to be I?

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