Best weed scales—2021 reviews of the best scales because that weed. Steal our weed load measurement charts! to buy cheap digital scales online. All you have to know around buying and using a weed scale.

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Weight Measurement conversion Table Charts



Best selling Cheap Pocket range for Weed


The best selling scale for weed this year—American weigh Scales AWS 1KG Digital pocket Scale—is one all-in-one scale for her weed weighing needs. Basic to usage with only 3 buttons: Tare, On/Off, and also Mode. Converts between grams, ounces, trojan ounces, and also pennyweights. Auto-off role for saving power (2 AAA battery included). Integrated durable cover. Ships calibrated.

One of the top-rated and also most famous AWS products of all time. Countless sellers perform this weed range for sale at best over 10 dollars, so examine the link listed below to to buy it in ~ the lowest price. Donate by a 10-year warranty.

Pocket scale
1,000 g
0.1 g


Most exact Cheap Digital scale for Weed


The GDEALER Digital Pocket scale is a really cheap weed scale that’s to be a best seller because that years. This durable, lightweight digital scale for weed performs at a level that accuracy and precision the one would mean from much more expensive models. Calibration may be slightly turn off from the factory, for this reason make certain to use a calibration weight or recognized object to adjust it.

The scale has actually the ability to measure, convert and also count multiple load units: g/ct/dwt/ozt/oz/gn. It’s little enough to fit in a huge pocket. Powered by 2 AAA battery (included). High quality guaranteed through a 1-year warranty.

Portable scale
500 g
0.01 g


Best Cheap Portable Digital range for Weed


The American weigh Scales black color Blade collection BL-100-BLK Digital Pocket scale is the original blade style weed scale. As presented in the picture, the scale has a control arm that pivots out during usage. 3 buttons for simple use: On/Off, Tare and Mode. Weighs/converts grams, ounces, grains, and carats.

This version is offered at a super affordable price—just over 15 dollars. That sturdy plastic covering doubles together a weighing tray. Provides 2 AAA battery (included). American sweet Scales (AWS) digital scale come with a 10-year warranty.

Pocket scale
100 g
0.01 g


Most long lasting Cheap Digital scale for Weed


Brifit Digital Mini Scale. A durably built pocket range for one affordable price. Stainless steel platform, rugged plastic cover, and bright backlight. Weighs approximately 200 grams. Converts between 6 units: g, oz, ozt, dwt, ct, gn.

The auto-off duty helps conserve battery usage (2 AAA included). Comes with a 50-gram calibration weight. Easy to carry, straightforward to clean, and easy come use.

Pocket scale
200 g
0.01 g


Best Stealth Digital range for Weed


Horizon CDS-100 Digital Precision range CD Jewel Case. This stealthy scale for weed looks similar to a real CD case. Shot putting in a CD cover that nobody will want to open, and also “pow!” you’ve obtained a secret weed range that won’t draw any type of attention. Discreet and also fun.

It have the right to handle small amounts that weed—weighing up to 100 grams max in .01 gram intervals. Many weighing modes (gram, carat, ounce, grain), tare, and counting functions. 2 CR2 batteries are required (included). Stainless stole platform. Super short price.

Portable stealth scale
500 g
0.01 g


Best Digital Milligram Scale


American sweet Scales GEMINI-20 Portable Milligram Scale. If you’re weighing delicate herb powders or oils, this digital milligram range is the right an option for you. Also, choose up some LabExact Weighing files to go through it. The GEMINI-20 Milligram range is tested to be within +/- .005 gram accuracy.

For a really low price, acquire the functionality of an expensive lab scale. This version comes v tweezers, 1 calibration weight, 1 tray, and 2 AAA batteries. Equipped with a flip-down security lid. Donate by a 10-year warranty from AWS.

Portable scale
20 g
0.001 g


Large Scales because that Weed

There was a time as soon as using huge kitchen scales was commonplace amongst growers. This scales operation upwards that 300 dollars and can weigh hefty loads that weed accurately. Take this one here:

CAS EC-30 EC series High Accuracy counting Scale


It has actually a heavy 30 kilogram (30,000 gram) maximum capacity but only a 0.002lb (~1 gram) readability. That method the screen number value will relocate at whole grams at its smallest increments.

Now that doesn’t average this version is not accurate; nothing confuse readability through accuracy. It come certified, calibrated, and accurate. The cheat is to add or eliminate buds until you mite the gram number worth up or down. If you desire to sweet out an eighth with this, great luck. The best you have the right to do is weigh a quarter and cut that in half, or include calibration weights come the mix.

Large scales are finest suited for large quantities the weed. If you filling large bags of sprout all day, this scale might be a an excellent option for you. We’ve provided these kinds of scales for years, and they work good for weighing pounds and also kilos.

Large table scale
30 kg
0.5 g


Next, take a look at this one:

Best Cheap huge Table range for Weed


Ozeri Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale. This budget table scale is perfect for around measuring big quantities of herb. It comes in a variety of colour to pick from. Constructed with the recent sensor modern technology to ensure accuracy. 11.24 lb (5,100 gram) capacity. Readability is displayed in half-gram increments.

Simple and easy to use—this scale only has actually two buttons: On/Off/Tare and Unit (g, lbs, lbs:oz, oz, ml). Runs of 2 AAA battery (included). Automatically turns off.

Large table scale
5,100 g
0.5 g


How come calibrate a weed scale?


Calibration & Adjustment

Calibration and adjustment room two separate terms often grouped together one.

Calibration is the process of weighing a well-known object and comparing the outcomes with the object’s true weight value.Adjustment, or calibration adjustment, is the process of adjusting a range to the true weight value of a known object. This is what “calibrating your scale” is.

Cheap digital scales frequently need adjustment right from the factory. This can be excellent via the scale’s calibration mode (Cal). Use calibration weights or a solid, non-porous, and non-static retaining object.

So what’s the best means to calibrate a scale for weed?

Calibration Weights

A calibration weight is an exact known load that can be supplied as a reference as soon as adjusting a scale.


The American sweet Scales Calibration weight Kit (Amazon link) consists of a range of gram and also milligram weights:

Gram Weights: (1) 1 gram, (1) 2 gram, (1) 5 gram, (1) 10 gram, (2) 20 gram, (1) 50 gramMilligram Weights: (1) 10 mg, (2) 20 mg, (1) 50 mg, (1) 100 mg, (1) 200 mg, (1) 500 mg

Put a nickel ~ above the scale

A united state nickel made throughout or after ~ the year 1866 is made come a load of 5.000 grams. Plenty of stoners currently know the you can use a nickel as a 5-gram calibration weight.

Now, this doesn’t take it into variable the wear-and-tear degradation of a circulated coin, for this reason if you’re walk to usage a nickel or various other coin in adjusting the calibration of her scale, it need to be the most pristine coin you can find.

US Coin weight Chart for Calibration Adjustment


Weed scale Terminology

Accuracy VS. Precision



Accuracy is the degree to i m sorry a measurement relates come its true value. This is commonly characterized as +/- (number) (% or load unit).

For example, let’s placed a 10-gram calibration load on the famous AWS pocket scale. Speak the display reads 100.01. That way the accuracy of the balance is 0.01 grams or one centigram; it has actually an accuracy the +/-0.1% or +/-0.1 grams.

Remember that accuracy is dependency on how well your scale is calibrated. A high-quality calibrated digital range for weed must be in ~ +/- one unit the its lowest screen resolution.

All measuring devices have your limits. Other components that affect an accurate weight analysis include:

repeatabilitytemperaturereadabilityuncertainty that measurement

Precision – Repeatability

Precision is not a synonym because that accuracy—in fact, it’s totally different! A scale might be an extremely accurate yet not at all precise at the exact same time.


Precision, aka repeatability, refers to the degree to which a scale offers identical dimensions when weighing a known object under the very same conditions. The is just how much your range varies once weighing the exact same thing again and again.

You have the right to test this you yourself by weighing an object repeatedly. First, calibrate her scale. Then record each weight total and figure the end the deviation in between measurements. There’s her level of precision. Include these numbers altogether, and also the typical sum will provide you a rating to compare.

Let’s do a precision vs. Repeatability test by weighing a pound of weed on 2 digital decigram scales, ten time each. We have Scale A and also Scale B.

Ideally, the scales have to read 453.59 grams because that a pound:

Scale AScale B
453.59 (4x)453.59 (2x)
453.63 (4x)453.58 (3x)
453.55 (2x)453.60 (3x)
453.61 (2x)

Scale A reads 453.59 grams 4 times, 453.63 grams four times, and 453.55 grams two times.

Scale B reads 453.59 grams 2 times, 453.58 grams 3 times, 453.60 grams 3 times, and also 453.61 grams one time.


Scale A is more precise but less accurate. In spite of the weight worths being more from the check weight, its repeated dimensions agreed through their average more. Merely put, the results are closer to each other.

Scale B is an ext accurate but less precise. If the load values room closer to the check weight, that is repeated dimensions agreed through their typical less; the results are further from each other.



Readability is the the smallest increments that a scale can display.

For instance, if we take a large table scale with a readability the 0.002lb (~1 gram), the load value presented will never ever be a 3.5 or 0.1 amount, but only totality gram .0 increments. Although the scale might be accurate at reading these fractions of a gram, the LED number will just trip over/under when it access time a full allude zero load amount.

1 gram (0.0002 lb) readability will display in whole gram increments.0.5 gram (0.0001 lb) readability will screen in half-gram increments.0.1 gram readability will screen in decigram increments0.01 gram readability will display in centigram increments.0.001 gram readability will screen in milligram increments.

Readability is also known as scale division, range interval, digit, d, and also resolution.


453.592 g (1 pound) is sweet on a 0.001 g readability scale.The load will review as 453.592 g

453.592 g (1 pound) is sweet on a 0.1 g readability scale.The load will check out as 453.6 g

Readability walk hand-in-hand through accuracy. The best scales for weed should read exact within two plus or minus scale divisions (+/-2d) aka her scale’s smallest digit.

Maximum Capacity


Maximum volume is the maximum load a scale can measure. Likewise called max rated capacity.

There are many good scales because that weed through both high and also low maximum capacities. Typically speaking, the higher a scale’s maximum volume is, the reduced its readability will certainly be.

The AWS bag scale has actually a high 1000 gram (2.2 pounds) preferably capacity, back it has actually only a 0.1 gram (whole gram) readability.The AWS GEMINI has actually a short 20 gram maximum capacity but a high 0.001 gram (milligram) readability.
If the used weight exceeds a weed scale’s maximum capacity, E for error will certainly be shown on the display. This is called overloading. Perform it as well much, and you’ll damage the fill cell. To avoid overloading, buyers must opt because that scales with a preferably capacity over what they need.



Divisions space the total amount of possible increments a scale deserve to equate to.

Figure out your weed scale’s divisions by splitting its capacity with its readability (capacity – readability = divisions).

For example:

A. The AWS bag scale has actually a 1,000 gram capacity and also a 0.1 gram readability. 1,000 ÷ 0.1 = 10,000. This scale has actually 10,000 divisions.

B. The Ozero Pronto large scale has actually a 5,100 gram capacity and a 1 gram readability. 5,100 ÷ 1 = 5,1000. This scale has 5,100 divisions.

Why is my weed scale analysis inaccurately? Errors, help!


Several components can account for inaccuracy or error (E) in a digital scale’s reading. The accuracy and precision the a weed scale may vary through the setting it’s exposed come or stored in. Correctly stored, a an excellent scale will last over a decade. Problematic components include:

Dust – Dust accumulating ~ above the scale’s communication or building up inside the casing is detrimental to longevity. Save the range clean—you can clear the end the cracks and crevices through compressed air dusters.Temperature – many digital scales because that weed will work-related within in a temperature range between 32°F (0°C) and also 104°F (40°C). Scales have to be stored in ~ a room temperature that 50°F (10°C) to 86°F (30°C). They need to never be straight exposed to the sun’s heat and UV rays.Humidity – Humidity can develop up in electronics and cause them to fail. Anyone who has lived in Hawaii can attest to this. Try to store your range in the driest ar you acquired if friend live in a humid location.Air Currents or Draft – one of the most usual reasons for an inaccurate weight reading. Air currents or drafts adversely impact sensitive digital scales. To attain high precision milligram readings, the scale must be protected with draft shields in a close up door environment.

If your weed range is giving you too plenty of problems, just buy a brand-new one. Cheap weed scales space a dime-a-dozen.

How much does weed yes, really weigh?


Don’t measure short! Decigrams (0.1 gram) and also centigrams (0.01 gram) regularly get forgotten in the measure up of weed. One ounce is 28.35 grams come the centigram.

Most dealers provide out specific twenty-eight allude zero gram ounces. By cutting under the 28.35 gram ounce to just 28.00, a remainder that 5.59 grams is leftover every pound. This is construed as the dealer’s bonus.

Here’s the math:

16 x 28.00 grams = 448 grams. One pound = 453.592 grams

That method sixteen 28.00 gram ounces add up come 448.00 grams, end 5 ½ grams short of a true lb (453.592 grams).

Cannabis weight References:

How lot does a kilo sweet on a scale? A kilo weighs 1000 grams or 32.274 ounces.How lot does a pound sweet on a scale? A pound weighs 454 grams or 16 ounces. However, 448 grams is generally used by dealers.How much does a half-pound weigh on a scale? A half-pound weighs 227 grams or 8 ounces. 224 grams is the conventional half-pound package.How much does a quarter-pound weigh on a scale? A 4 minutes 1 weighs 113.4 grams or 4 ounces. 112 grams is more common.How lot does one ounce sweet on a scale? An ounce weighs 28.35 grams, although 28.0 grams is the norm because that cannabis.How much does a half-ounce
weigh on a scale? A half-ounce weighs 14.1748 grams, usually rounded down to 14 grams.How much does a quarter ounce sweet on a scale? A 4 minutes 1 ounce weighs 7.087 grams, nice close to right 7 grams.How much does an eighth weigh on a scale? an eighth weighs 3.544 grams, largely being offered as 3.5 gram bags.How lot does a dub sack (twenty sack) weigh on a scale? relying on where you are, a dub sack or twenty sack could mean 2 grams the bud. The terms room not based on weight but rather cost, make the true weight as much as the dealer’s discretion.How much does a gram sweet on a scale? A gram will read out 1.0 grams ~ above a scale, or 1000 milligrams.

Heavy bags


Among friends in the three community, it’s typical to include a bit more weight come the bag together a perk, aka hooking it up.

Hooking it increase explained:

Let’s say the Ben desires 3 ½ grams (an eighth) of bud native Cheap Charlie. Cheap Charlie gives Ben much more than 3 ½ grams of weight in bud—3.6 grams. Cheap Charlie hooked the up. Ben gets more bud 보다 he expected and also is stoked about it. That a great experience for sure.

The additional weight perk have the right to be simply a small amount. A genuine Cheap Charlie will gain the benefits of hooking it increase while only adding an extra tenth the a gram per eighth. For this reason the ceiling minimum would certainly be:

an eighth is 3.6 gramsa quarter is 7.2 gramsa fifty percent is 14.4 gramand an oz is 28.8 grams

For not also a complete gram every ounce, Cheap Charlie can hook that up. The course, the more extra weight, the merrier. That’s referred to as hooking it up fat—all basic to execute with a digital gram scale.

The load of weed changes


Cannabis buds specifically weighed out to fountain of a gram may alter in weight normally when exposed to alters in the environment.

Cannabis is organic matter that reacts to air. If you’re constantly popping off jar lids to acquire a whiff of the dank, climate you’ve likely seen this very first hand.

Humidity levels differ everywhere, and also with the humidity variation, so will the weight of cannabis buds unless they room sealed airtight and not opened—see stash jars and containers.

Weed weight scam

Filthy frank TV

One shady trick that specific dealers do is misting water ~ above dried buds, in order to making them sweet more. At any type of rate, the humidity may result in dangerous mold problems.

Botrytis cinerea, aka gray mold or bud rot, is a usual fungal condition that grow on marijuana in humid conditions.

A form of hypersensitivity pneumonitis known as Winegrower’s lung is caused by call with Botrytis mold. For this reason please prevent this exercise for everyone safety.

Why buy a scale for weed ~ above the net?


Ever to be shorted ~ above a bag? everything happened, we deserve to agree that civilization should be utilizing accurate, an accurate scales when weighing marijuana through now.

Highly accurate digital scales room priced affordably online—and must only gain cheaper as seller compete increases. Many of the finest scales because that marijuana ~ above this list space for revenue at under twenty bucks.

Long gone are the days as soon as buyers have to fork out numerous dollars in ~ a headshop to obtain a digital scale of similar quality. Trusted brands like American weigh Scales offer great deals on some of the finest affordable scales because that weed.

While sustaining your regional businesses is still a an excellent thing come do, numerous stoners space on a fixed budget plan when buying a digital scale. Virtual eCommerce websites lug a huge assortment of digital scale that space dirt cheap, tested, and have positive reviews native buyers.

The finest part?

You’ll gain a good digital range for a fraction of the price you will do pay elsewhere.

When buying a weed scale for revenue online:


Be sure to think about the adhering to when choosing the ideal weed range for your needs:


The specifications of a digital scale should complement your plan usage.

High Capacity

A large platform scale with a high maximum volume and fairly low readability is suitable for cannabis growers and dealers weighing big amounts that weed, typically over a pound.

High Accuracy

A portable or pocket-size scale with a low maximum capacity and high readability is right for three growers and dealers weighing weed in departments of a pound.

Design Quality

Most cheap digital scales space made indigenous sturdy ABS plastic casing and also feature a stainless steel platform. As you cannot organize the product physically once shopping online, it’s recommend to scan the product reviews before you buy. Also, take right into account the seller that the item.

One point you’ll an alert when buying a digital range online is numerous sellers are selling similar-looking models. This is because the scales are marketed white-label to distributors. In this instance, it’s recommended to purchase with the many reputable seller.

Size and Appearance

The size and appearance the a digital range are a large factor in that marketability. Scale have progressed from an easy instruments to extremely functional computer systems that come in a variety of amazing designs.

You will desire to to buy a weed scale that fits your weighing needs, whether it is a big scale for huge crops or a pocket range for dealing.


Price is a significant consideration when shopping because that the ideal weed scale online. Thankfully, quality contemporary digital scales can be purchase on a little budget—hundreds of positive reviews verify the best ones.

All that the weed scales reviewed here, other than for the agree kitchen model, space priced super cheap. Friend should be able to find a good scale in the price range of ten come twenty-five dollars.

Handheld Postal Scale

If you a true stoner, you’ll recognize what the contraption below is:


These little hand scales, well-known as postal scales, work much better than you might think. They are handy because that weighing the end ounces ~ above the fly.

A good rule of thumb to use once weighing weed with postal scale is to hit a 3rd over your measurement mark—⅓ previous the tick. Nobody wants to acquire shorted on a bag.

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Forget the batteries and hassle that a digital scale. This is the true “pocket scale”.


ModelWeight CapacityReadabilityLink
AWS 1 KG bag Scale1 kg0.1 gVIEW PRICE ►
GDEALER pocket Scale500 g0.01 gVIEW PRICE ►
AWS black color Blade100 g0.01 gVIEW PRICE ►
Brifit Digital Mini Scale100 g0.01VIEW PRICE ►
Horizon CDS-100 CD Scale500 g0.01 gVIEW PRICE ►
AWS GEMINI Milligram Scale20 g0.001VIEW PRICE ►
CAS EC-30 High Accuracy Scale30 kg1 gVIEW PRICE ►
Ozeri Pronto big Scale5 kg0.5 gVIEW PRICE ►

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