Ayo Bowles is a popular YouTube personality and a great dancer. The is recognized to dance through his brother, Mateo Bowles.

Ayo Bowles"s an individual Life

Ayo Bowles to be born top top the 30th of October, 1996, in Michigan. Over there is no much information about his parents. However, he has actually a brother, Mateo Bowles. Ayo and also his brother essentially do everything together.

Ayo Bowles graduated from high school and also went additional to attend the University that Michigan.

At period 5, Ayo Bowles love to dance a lot. This to be the reason he chose to go after a job in dancing and music generally.

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Ayo Bowles"s career

Alongside his brother, Mateo, Ayo got a most dance cultivate such as Hip Hop among related dancing styles. In 2011, Ayo and also Mateo Bowles kick-started their first-ever YouTube channel. They made and published videos of lock dancing on their YouTube channel. They to be so good that your channel began attracting a considerable number of views together followers.

Before 2016, the Bowels brothers were already in an excellent places taking care of several projects. Few of these tasks include; Villa grand Opening, BET award ceremony, among others.

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They have also collaborated through a pair of dancers and singers prefer Quavo and also Michael Maulin.

How Old is Ayo Bowles Exactly?

How Old is Ayo Bowles Exactly? (twitter)

Ayo Bowles" exact period depends top top the existing year. Ayo was born ~ above the 30th the October, 1996. His date of birth is ~ above the 30th the October the every year.

Summary of Ayo Bowles"s age

The table listed below highlights crucial information you need to know about Ayo Bowles.

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Parameters Things to Note
Real name Ayleo Bowles
Nickname Ayo
Date of birth 30th the October, 1996
Place of bear Ann Arbor, Michigan
Nationality American
Parents name Undisclosed
Siblings Mateo Bowles (brother).
Ethnicity Caucasian
Religion Undisclosed
Occupation YouTube star and also dancer.
YouTube adhering to 6.17 million
Instagram adhering to 2.9 million
Relationship standing Single
Net precious $1.5 million
Education Ypsilanti, Michigan; Willow operation High School; the college of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Zodiac sign Scorpio


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