Being poked through the wires of her braces is one uncomfortable experience and also is an concern that must be resolved easily to avoid more discomfort. If you have an emergency with protruding wire, there space a variety of means you can take treatment of this issue at residence if girlfriend can’t see your orthodontist immediately.

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Archwires and also ligatures are the common culprits once it involves protruding wires. Both that these have the right to cause small cuts or sores on the cheeks and also gums, for this reason this is an worry that have to not it is in ignored.

Fixing a Protruding Wire

With these tips, you have the right to temporarily fix the protruding cable and carry out yourself with relief indigenous the discomfort and also irritation till you have the right to visit King Orthodontics because that a long-term solution. When fixing a protruding wire, consider these methods:

Orthodontic Wax- This have the right to be put on the protruding cable to defend your mouth from more irritation. Be sure to brush her teeth prior to application and use a pea-sized amount of wax to cover the wire.

Tweezers- If one archwire has slipped the end of your molar bracket, friend may be able to use tweezers to carefully re-insert the archwire. As soon as you’ve bent the cable back, use dental wax to keep the cable in ar until you can visit your orthodontist. Lock can also be supplied to bend a ligature wire ago into place. Be certain to clean the tweezers thoroughly before using them.

Pencil Eraser- utilizing a clean pencil eraser, you can gently bending the wire earlier to a an ext comfortable shape. This an approach may not work-related for archwires but is useful for pushing in ligature wires on your brackets.

Nail clippers and wires- This is an alternative that is only recommended as a last resort. Come clip the wire, you have the right to pull earlier your cheek, dry the area, and also with the assist of an adult, closely clip the protruding wire. After trimming the wire, be certain to sheathe it through wax to hold it in place.

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Learn much more About how to Clip a Wire through King Orthodontics
Rita, an Orthodontic Technician on Dr. King’s team talks around ways you have the right to fix the protruding wire on your braces the are resulting in you uncomfortable

At King Orthodontics, we recognize that braces have the right to be uncomfortable, particularly if you have actually a protruding wire. Contact us immediately if you space having any type of issues v a protruding wire.


Dr. Bryan King earn his DMD indigenous The university of Pittsburgh school of dental Medicine and also holds his understand of Dental scientific research in Periodontics native The college of Pittsburgh institution of dental Medicine. Dr. Bryan has additionally completed one Orthodontic residency at St Barnabas Hospital in The Bronx, new York. Dr Bryan has received many honors together a practicing orthodontist including, being called a Diplomate of the American board ofOrthodontics and being named a “Top Dentist” through Pittsburgh magazine for several years running. He likewise earned the Lifetime success award offered by Align innovations in 2014 for his work with Invisalign.