I have actually been shooting 4×5 color transparencies or generally known as color slide movie for many years but the finest that I can enjoy them to be to placed them top top the light table and also viewing them v a loupe. Unlike mine 35mm and also 120 slides, I have never checked out them projected huge simply the is not basic to situate a 4×5 slide projector. 4×5 slides top top a irradiate table

For the last couple of years, i tried browsing online on how to execute it you yourself (DIY) and also build a 4×5 on slide projector however no one seems to have actually made castle before. There room commercially created 4×5 slide projectors, but I have actually never viewed one in genuine life. I have actually not even seen lock on the used industry on eBay prior to but even if castle are accessible they are going to cost a lot and also even much more to ship.

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It was only freshly that I saw this YouTube video by DIY perks on just how he do a 4K LCD projector that triggered me to think around making a 4×5 projector again. In the video, he defined how that made use of the Fresnel lens instead of the traditional thick condenser lens.

Afghan box camera

With this new knowledge, I started to think about how i could convert my Afghan box camera into a on slide projector. For those who perform not understand the Afghan box camera, that is a camera and also darkroom developed into a solitary box. If friend need much more info on how to develop one you deserve to refer to this amazing eBook by Lucas Birke ~ above his Afghan box camera project.

Light Source

Philips 12B LED light pear

The many important component of the side projector is a an effective light source. The traditional projector will use a an effective but hot incandescent or halogen irradiate bulb. However, because that this project, I saw the store and also find the highest wattage LED Bulb. This turned the end to it is in a 12 watt LED light pear from Philips. The is additionally warm light which is what slides are usually projected with. The was said the slides generally come with a blue color to balance out the heat light.

I wired v up with a socket and attached it to the earlier of package camera making use of 2 screws.

Warning: Live cable is involved. Do NOT execute this yourself if you are not confident and also knowledgeable/trained.

Fresnel Lens

Fresnel lens offered as magnifying sheets

I walk online and bought 2 magnifying reading sheets that are usually provided for reading yet I guess they would job-related for this purpose. Top top every sheet, there will certainly be one side that is comprised of the Fresnel lens, i m sorry is a collection of concentric circles, and the various other side will be smooth, so the is vital to ar the sheets in the right orientation. The one nearest come the irradiate bulb has actually the Fresnel lens encountering away from it and the other piece will have the concentric circles dealing with the bulb. In this manner, the light from the bulb will be collimated by the very first piece and also converged by the second piece.

It is also important to discover out the true focal length of the Fresnel lens. The DIY perks video shows you how. My 2 lenses have focal lengths of 90mm.

Fresnel lens be separated by a narrow piece of plywood

To mountain the lenses i just obtained two pieces of plywood through a window cut in the center and also I 3D published some corners to mount the lenses come the plywood. To connect the two Fresnel lens plywood in the box camera I just use 2 narrow strips the plywood and two elastic bands to act together a spacer between the two boards. The idea right here is to be able to convert this earlier to a box camera rather of turning it permanently into a on slide projector.


Fujinon 210mm lens

For the lens, I proceed to use my Fujinon 210mm, i beg your pardon is my large format photography shooting lens. I uncover that that still does a decent task in projecting the image, but I’m not sure if over there is a distinction in projection quality if ns were to usage an enlarger or projector lens.


In bespeak to emphasis the image on the screen, I use the concentrating rods that space already component of package camera system. This crate camera is design to take it 5×7 inches photo negative so I eliminated the existing soil glass and also made a 4×5 slide mountain to host it to the holder and to block off excess light.


Fully projected
Finally I saw my 4×5 slides big!

For testing, I collection up a piece of 5-foot white towel backdrop placed across two light stands and was placed around 3 meters from the on slide projector in the darkened room with all the lamp off.

Hurrah! ns was maybe to gain a great image ~ above the screen! ns was certainly really impressed and I to be able to see my big format slides on together a big screen finally!


While this slide projector is not bright enough to be used in one auditorium, the is good enough because that the an individual viewing of 4×5 slides at home. You will require a an extremely dim room to reap the slides at a view distance the 3 meters. There is certainly room for advancement but that will be for one more DIY project.

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About the author: Cheng Qwee short is a (mainly) movie photographer based in Singapore. In enhancement to using cameras ranging from 35mm come ultra-large-format 8×20, Low also enjoys alternate processes such together kallitype and albumen printing. The opinions express in this article are specifically those that the author. You deserve to find an ext of Low’s work on his website and also YouTube. This article was also published here.