pw = piecewise(cond1,val1,cond2,val2,...) returnsthe piecewise expression or role pw whosevalue is val1 when condition cond1 istrue, is val2 once cond2 istrue, and so on. If no condition is true, the worth of pw is NaN.

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pw = piecewise(cond1,val1,cond2,val2,...,otherwiseVal) returnsthe piecewise expression or role pw thathas the worth otherwiseVal if no problem istrue.

Evaluate y in ~ -2, 0, and 2 by using subs to substitute for x. Because y is unknown at x = 0, the value is NaN.

Because y(x) is a symbolic function, girlfriend can directly evaluate the for worths of x. Evaluate y(x) in ~ -2, 0, and 2. Because y(x) is undefined at x = 0, the value is NaN. Because that details, see produce Symbolic Functions.

Set the value of a piecewise role when no problem is true (called otherwise value) by specifying second input argument. If second argument is not specified, the default otherwise worth of the role is NaN.

Define the piecewise function

Evaluate y(x) in between -3 and 1 through generating values of x utilizing linspace. At -2 and 0, y(x) evaluates to 1 since the other problems are not true.


On creation, a piecewise expression applies existing assumptions. Use assumptions collection after developing the piecewise expression by making use of simplify top top the expression.

Assume x > 0. Then define a piecewise expression with the same condition x > 0. Piecewise automatically applies the assumption to simplify the condition.

Create a piecewise expression pw v the condition x > 0. Then set the assumption that x > 0. Apply the presumption to pw by using simplify.

Differentiate, integrate, and also find borders of a piecewise expression by making use of diff, int, and also limit respectively.

Differentiate the adhering to piecewise expression by using diff.

Add, subtract, divide, and multiply two piecewise expressions. The resulting piecewise expression is only characterized where the early stage piecewise expressions room defined.

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Modify a piecewise expression by replacing component of the expression utilizing subs. Extend a piecewise expression by specifying the expression together the otherwise value of a new piecewise expression. This activity combines the two piecewise expressions. Piecewise walk not examine for overlapping or conflict conditions. Instead, choose an if-else ladder, piecewise returns the value for the an initial true condition.