I checked again and couldn"t blee this. However, it arisen to me the you may be utilizing the incorrect web page up/down keys on her keyboard.

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Posted November 28, 2014 - 02:09 AM

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Did this just start happening? If so, one of the mods you installed might have mapped the buttons to something. If not, you need to still inspect your control / key-board map under the settings and see if page up/down is collection to perform something else.

Alright David, as much as i would prefer to offer you a holiday from mine pestilence, there are unfortunately a couple of much more issue we require to number out. I think we should start with this, the can not to scroll in console situation. Currently i realize, once again, that I"m not doing noþeles wrong, so to speak, because i know what mine pg up/pg down tricks are, to add I"ve redesigned plenty of houses utilizing console, for this reason I know a few things around it. So... We should start thinking around other odd reasons why it can not be functioning (like the server thing for posting pics, because that example). Keep in mind the i deserve to navigate v my own regulates with my arrow up and down an essential (not the pg up and down), yet i am can not to scroll with the results of those commands.

Any ideas?

Yes, that course, prior to you ask, I have actually definitely and also purposely tried to find things in console that would have actually a large result list, simply to make certain that scrolling is in reality applicable. Didn"t help. The is for this reason frustrating to recognize that the prize i desire is hiding over the boarder of the console page, simply out of with so countless times.... Newly i have actually started inputting inhelp 4 instead of help 0, due to the fact that typing in the 4 tends to result in fewer options.... Yet that doesn"t always aid either.

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Oh, by the way, I"ve do the efforts the mouse wheel and also every friggen an essential on the keyboard! Please refer to the list in the post above if you have to know how my tricks are collection up. Also, i usage xbox controller while play the game, in instance that matters.

And no, it didn"t just start happening, it has always been that way, because that as long as I"ve used console.