FIVE FINGER death PUNCH has released a lyric video for "I Refuse". The track was had on the 2nd installment the FIVE FINGER death PUNCH"s greatest-hits collection, "A te Of destruction - Volume 2", which come out in October.

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"A decade Of damage - Volume 2" has four formerly unreleased tracks: "Broken World", the Steve Aoki remix that "Bad Company", a Joe Hahn remix of "Wash It all Away", a Felmax remix that "Trouble" and also a new acoustic version of "Wrong next Of Heaven".

In October, FIVE FINGER death PUNCH evidenced that the officially parted methods with guitarist Jason Hook ago in February 2020, during the band"s sold-out europe arena tour. He has due to the fact that been replaced by famous British virtuoso Andy James, who is also featured top top "Broken World".

FIVE FINGER fatality PUNCH"s latest album, "F8", to be released in February 2020. The follow-up to 2018"s "And Justice because that None" capped a turbulent period for FIVE FINGER fatality PUNCH in which singer Ivan Moody ultimately got sober after ~ a near-fatal struggle with addiction, when co-founding drummer Jeremy Spencer bowed the end of the band as result of physical issues.

Much of "F8""s lyrical content encounters Moody"s fight with addiction, its after-effects and his recovery. The singer celebrated two years of sobriety in March.

FIVE FINGER death PUNCH"s new disc was once again helmed through Kevin Churko, the Canadian record producer/engineer and also songwriter who right now lives in las Vegas, where he works out that his private studio, The Hideout recording Studio. The drums on the LP to be laid down by Charlie "The Engine" Engen, that made his live debut with the group during its autumn 2018 tour through BREAKING BENJAMIN.

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In an interview with Berlin, Germany"s Star FM, FIVE FINGER fatality PUNCH guitarist Zoltan Bathory spoke around the incentive for the title of "F8". The said: "Originally, us were just gonna contact it "8", kind of. We assumed it"s the eighth record, and also if you wanted to it is in esoteric around it, us figured, well, if you rotate the "8" sideways, it"s the price of infinity. Over there was part play with the visuals. Ns do many of the design and also the graphics for the merch in the tape in general… So, i was playing roughly with the graphics and I believed it maybe requirements a little bit more. And we were bouncing about ideas, and we included the letter "F." So that was, like, FIVE FINGER fatality PUNCH"s eighth record. In ~ the same time, if you desire to read it phonetically, it could be "fate.""

Bathory called The Pulse of Radio the tape felt a various kind of vibe as soon as it lastly got into the studio to do "F8". "After eight records, i don"t think we need to say, "Well, us are below to stay,"" that said. "But there was this photo of acquiring into the studio and "Let"s light this ~ above fire." This to be this different sort of power, this different sort of power that was driving us."

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