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Short SummaryWith engaging writing and also relatable characters, this gripping story helps today"s students understand the horrifying event that adjusted the civilization forever.

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Lucas loves football, however after 3 concussions in two years, his parents space forcing him to quit the game. There"s only one human being who can convince his parental to change their minds—Uncle Benny, his father"s finest friend and also fellow firefighter native Ladder 177.So ~ above the morning that September 11, Lucas sneaks right into Manhattan and also heads down to the firehouse. However as Lucas and also Uncle Benny stand exterior talking, a plane flies low overhead—and quickly nothing will ever be the same again.As shortly as the aircraft hits the human being Trade facility Tower, the guys of Ladder 177 swing right into action. Lucas is terrified. Yet when another plane hits the second tower, the can"t wait about the firehouse any longer—he"s gained to go uncover his dad. That starts wade downtown—right toward the burning towers…This sensitive and also engaging story likewise features factual information around the people Trade Center assaults at the end.

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With heart-pounding activity and high emotionally stakes, this well-researched fiction series brings historical calamities to life v the eyes of world who suffer them. Every chapter publication puts an simple kid in the middle of a terrifying event, indigenous a devastating hurricane to an notorious shipwreck. V determination and also a little bit of luck, these characters survive danger situations, reunite with their friends and also families, and start come rebuild their lives.

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Told in short, gripping chapters through striking black-and-white illustrations, the I made it through stories save readers ~ above the edges of your seats together they learn around important present events and also moments in history. Thoughtful author"s notes provide extr background information, timelines, and research and also writing tips.