Last night, i was sharing a Guiness with one of my co-workers at a pub in Downtown Phoenix, once David Allen Coe come over the jukebox through the tune "You never Even referred to as Me By mine Name." Andrew is just a couple of year younger 보다 me, however had never ever heard the tune himself, so i explained.

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I only had actually one beer, however I"ve just slept about 12 hrs in three days, so ns think ns slurred as soon as I told him:

"See kid. This is the ultimate country song. He talks about trucks, and also trains, and also mama, and also prison, and gettin" drunk. Every one of the finest country music ideas into one perfect country-western song!"

So Andrew listens for a couple of seconds and he says:

"It"s prefer David Allen Coe is a really great SEO."

Damn. I"m an alleged to have all of the an excellent ideas.

But Andrew to be on come something there, and I believed it would make a funny blog.

David Allen Coe didn"t actually create the song, however his version is more than likely the many famous. Watch exactly how he package as plenty of country western cliches right into one an excellent song:

I was drunk the day mine mom got out that prison (drinking, mama and also prison in one line!)

And I checked out pick her up in the rain (it"s constantly raining down south, ain"t it?)

But before I might get come the station in mine pick-up truck (mentions the train station, and of course, pick-up trucks)

She acquired runned over through a damned old train! (misery and trains- they just go together)

How is this good SEO?

I googled the complying with phrases, and also found recommendations on page one of Google because that David Allen Coe"s song.

Perfect country Western tune -- #1 in Google

Country west song around prison -- #6 in Google

Country west song around rain -- #2 in Google

County western song about trains -- #2 in Google

Don"t say in 10 Articles, What You can Say in One

Oftentimes, when we hear that "content is king", we think the means: compose as much content as you can, over and over and also over again, about the exact same things.

Pretending that David Allen Coe is a Realtor and also not a singer, i would use this song as the front page content. Then, I would link- from that content- to a page around trains, another pages around prison, an additional page around getting drunk, a page about "the rain", and finally a page around mama.

The front web page ties it every in nicely, and also then guides the visitors to far an ext detailed pages about the separation, personal, instance cliches, or in the case of Realtors, individual neighborhoods. If girlfriend "silo" your content the way that the big real estate syndicates do, you"ll have a much better chance of competing. But it needs to be fine written and make feeling to find engines and humans. Similar to David Allen Coe.

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Does this do sense? the did come me end beer last night. While ns was thinkin" about mama. And also trains. And also gettin" drunk...