The warrior of the ice roads are back, hauling an essential cargo come remote neighborhoods over several of the many dangerous paths in the world. But, this season, the toughest job in the people just gained tougher.

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The vehicle drivers are prepared for what is projection to be a cold and also busy winter. However the catastrophic passing of legendary driver Darrell Ward pipeline the community of drivers wondering who deserve to take his place.


The ice roadway season is turn off to a negative start. Lisa’s in a jam after ~ jackknifing her truck; Alex drops through thin ice and also Todd do the efforts to assist the stranded trucker.


A warmth up intimidates to derail the season as it kicks right into gear. Arts battles slick and also scary roads; Lisa asks mark for help when she truck is damages; Alex to meet a an enig man ~ above a winter road.


After temperatures close the ice roads the chauffeurs are praying because that a freeze. Steph falls victim to severe icing, while Art, Lisa and Todd if the reopened crossings are ready for their large rigs.

Mark recruits Lisa and also Reno to help win a large payday, yet a blizzard adds brand-new danger across the frozen north; Steph tote a pack that i will not ~ sit and also Art cusses his method through the entire ordeal.

Lisa and Reno sign up with a convoy top top winter roads and giant loads; arts tries to cross a 25-mile ice Road; Alex help a other trucker and also Todd tackles a snowy road that could get the better of him.

Reno has a terrible encounter and also Lisa pushes she truck come the border to rescue him; Alex transaction with tiny roads and also oversized loads and Art do the efforts to deliver a Zamboni to an isolated ice rink.

After wild weather it shows up the winter roadways want revenge. A big bump strands Art; a tight rotate snags Todd; Steph regrets a wet ice cream crossing and also Alex provides a stole sled to haul a construction shack.

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Trouble comes in doubles. Lisa and also Steph team up on the icy terrain; arts takes ~ above a two-fer; mark asks Todd come haul one oversize camp shack. Deserve to it be done? Todd doesn't think so!

Steph experience nature’s wrath; Todd battles with a twisty trail; arts tries to retrieve a bulldozer; Reno take away a risky run and also Lisa pertains to the rescue.