4of15But Whataburger has much more stores in much more states.

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There are more than 760 Whataburger restaurants across 10 states: Arizona, Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, new Mexico, Oklahoma and of food Texas. In-N-Out has actually 295 restaurants in 5 states: California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah and also Texas.Score: In-N-Out 1, Whataburger 1

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5of15Both companies use 100% pure beef that"s never frozen. When In-N-Out first came come Texas in 2011, they had to open up a brand-new patty-making facility in Dallas so they could continue to manage quality and also delivery. The Dallas facility"s caterer is located in Hereford, Texas, and sources livestock from the surrounding locations in Texas and also the Southwest.Score: In-N-Out 4, Whataburger 3

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7of15But In-N-Out ranks higher in customer ratings — slightly. According come a Consumer Reports fast-food survey, client rated Whataburger 7.7 out of 10 and gave In-N-Out 8 out of 10.Score: In-N-Out 5, Whataburger 3

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8of15Whataburger has an ext menu options. In-N-Out just serves burgers, fries and also drinks, when Whataburger also features number of chicken items as well as a breakfast menu. Because that the original Whataburger alone, there room 36,864 different order combinations.Score: In-N-Out 5, Whataburger 4


10of15Fact: Whataburger has far better ketchup. Whether you prefer fancy or Spicy, Whataburger ketchup beats the plain stuff in ~ In-N-Out.Score: In-N-Out 5, Whataburger 5

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11of15Whataburger is open up longer.In-N-Out is open up from 10:30 a.m. To 1 a.m. (1:30 a.m. Top top Friday and also Saturday). Most Whataburger restaurants are open up 24/7.Score: In-N-Out 5, Whataburger 6

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13of15You can enjoy Whataburger there is no leaving your home. Whataburger and also H-E-B have actually partnered to carry a number of the mountain Antonio chain"s product to store shelves, including this one, breakfast pork sausage, as well as its Signature Sauces, initial Mayo, fancy Ketchup, Spicy Ketchup, original Mustard and also Honey Butter. You can even get Whataburger pancake mix and also a shelf-stable variation of their fries in ~ the grocery store store.Score: In-N-Out 5, Whataburger 7

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14of15Winner: Whataburgeris whatabetterScore: In-N-Out 5, Whataburger 7Agree? Disagree? permit us know what friend think in the comment below.Sources: whataburger.com, in-n-out.com, press releases

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SAN ANTONIO — In-N-Out Burger ultimately will make its debut in mountain Antonio.

The well-known fast-food chain plan to open its first restaurant in the Alamo City top top Thursday at 10918 Culebra Road simply west that Loop 1604.

Carl valve Fleet, vice chairman of planning and advancement for In-N-Out, evidenced the opening in an e-mail sent come the Express-News ~ above Wednesday.

The far West Side place will open every day in ~ 10:30 a.m. And also close in ~ 1 a.m. Sundays v Thursdays and also at 1:30 a.m. Fridays and Saturdays.

Van Fleet stated the restaurant might open previously on Thursday depending on how countless customers space waiting in line.

After month of speculation, the Irvine, California-based agency last in march announced it had actually selected the far West Side ar for its development to mountain Antonio. In-N-Out spent about $1.5 million occurring the freestanding restaurant with a drive-thru, follow to architectural records filed v the state.

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Since its Texas debut 3 years ago, In-N-Out has expanded quickly throughout the state. The website right now lists 25 restaurants here, consisting of the Culebra roadway location. The firm also plan to open a restaurant in Windcrest.