AbnormalitiesIn the 1980s, it was generally believed that congenital abnormalitiesaffected around 5% that the nation’s children. Some people believe that theincrease in the number of chemicals in the environment has brought about an increasein the incidence that abnormalities. A current study examined 384 kids andfound that 46 of castle showed signs of one abnormality. Is this solid evidencethat the risk has actually increased?

 a) create appropriatehypotheses.

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 b) check the necessaryassumptions and conditions.

 c) perform the mechanics ofthe test. What is the P-value?

 d) Explain very closely what theP-value method in context.

 e) What’s her conclusion?

 f) Do eco-friendly chemicalscause congenital abnormalities?

jan 23 2021 12:29 am

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