“My mommy was taking a nap when someone dubbed her mobile. The number was a foreign number the she no recognize. She practically didn’t answer it, but it turned the end to be Disney,” states Janella Salvador the the fateful call that would land her a desire role.

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It to be a an excellent thing she mom, “Miss Saigon” veteran Jenine Desiderio, reply the phone. Janella is Disney’s choose to song “Moana’s” theme song “How much I’ll Go” because that the Philippine market. She is one of the five singers native Southeast Asia the were request to develop localized versions of the template song. In various other parts of south-east Asia, favor Thailand and Indonesia, the girls that were selected don’t just cover the layout song, they likewise become speak voices because that Moana in their aboriginal languages.

This is no Janella’s an initial project with Disney. The 18-year-old actress/singer represented the Philippines to sing Hong Kong Disneyland’s 10th anniversary layout song, “Happily ever before After” in 2015.

The music video just dropped critical week top top YouTube and after city hall it, we couldn’t think that Janella only had that same day to find out the music and lyrics before filming her performance. “I taped it top top the spot; everything was an extremely confidential. I love the song’s message, it had actually so much heart. I’m very proud the this project.”

For Janella, the track wasn’t just an effective because that its soaring chorus and also inspiring lyrics, she additionally felt a kinship v Moana. “I think everyone will be able to relate come Moana. The movie’s class is usually to follow her heart. There are a most people approximately us telling us, ‘This is that you need to be.’ everyone gonna judge you and your life however what you’re walk to come to be will actually depend on you. Girlfriend will choose who you’ll end up being talaga.” —TATIN YANG

Janella’s power of “Find her Way” is available on YouTube. “Moana” sails into theaters on Nov. 30. Visit disney.ph for an ext details; monitor
disney.ph on Instagram. Examine out #MoanaPH for much more content.




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