With the wedding drama behind her, Angelina should be relocating on to happier times, however she and also Chris room fighting, and also he’s relocated out. And also things only gain worse for our Staten Island Princess once videos start circulating that can put her marital relationship in serious jeopardy.

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Deena is looking forward to the come of a new little meatball, and a vacation v the whole extended family members is simply what she needs prior to the large day. The critical time she to be pregnant, they visited a dude ranch, yet this time, she’s in search of something a small less rowdy. Therefore she’s taking the reins and also planning a family-style holidays at a Poconos resort. Yet where the Jersey cast goes, rowdy follows.

Jenni is still through Zack, who’s now 26 yet will constantly be 24 come the fam. The expedition to the Poconos is the first time she’s bringing she kids and Zack come a Jersey Shore family members Vacation, for this reason she’s feeling a tiny anxious. However Zack finally has a possibility to win over the roommates as soon as RSVP collectively decide they want to find out some professional wrestling moves. What can go wrong? Oh, and Jenni and Zack have actually a large announcement come make.

Mike has a lot to celebrate this year: He’s five years sober, and also he’s around to it is in a dad. And also as if he doesn’t have sufficient on his plate, as soon as Angelina’s marriage drops apart, he takes it upon self to obtain to the bottom that it, and also a brand-new alter ego is born. Satisfy The Investigation.

The party is back! Nicole ends her hiatus and also surprises the fam when she reflects up for Mike’s big five-year soberversary parade and also again in the Poconos. However Snooki’s not returning solo. Her change ego Dren is tagging along for the ride, and also everyone knows once Dren appears, watch out.

Pauly D is do some large moves, starting with a significant upgrade to his renowned blowout. He and Nikki space still together, stronger than ever, and he has a very important question to questioning her. However will she to speak yes? Pauly desires to take it Nikki ~ above the FULL family vacation this time. That loves the Poconos this time the year!
"Single Ronnie" is solitary no more. He has a brand-new girlfriend, Saffire, and also he can not wait for his roommates to fulfill her in the Poconos. Meanwhile he’s helping his friend beanie look for houses in L.A.

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The only solitary one left in the group, Vinny’s chose it’s time to make a move. Lot to Paola’s chagrin, he’s made decision that relocate is to L.A. Luckily, his girlfriend Ronnie is there to help him navigate. However the genuine magic wake up in the Poconos wherein he has actually the possibility to realize his dream of becoming a TV display host when he emcees the very an initial (and perhaps the last) yearly Vinny Guadagnino’s Jersey coast Poconos Talent Show.