Alternative : 人外の嫁といちゃいちゃする アンソロジーコミック

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Jingai no Yome come Icha Icha suru - Anthology Comic summary:

A arsenal of oneshots about monster girl wives (and more!).
Maybe coming in the following issueJingai no Yome to Icha Icha suru - Anthology Comic chapter 18Jingai no Yome to Icha Icha suru - Anthology Comic thing 19

I to be Dismissed from the Hero’s Party since They Don’t require My cultivate Skills, so ns Strengthened mine i m sorry I gained as a Replacement for My Retirement Money. - chapter 16

Ichizu de Bitch na Kouhai - thing 99: Story Of being Alone with The girlfriend Of The human I Liked

Girls who Report The color Of their Underwear to Me Every Day for Some reason - thing 20: A Manga Assistant that Reports The color Of her Underwear to Me Every job For part Reason

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