Guess what, in his bed, Pharaoh had an uneasy night.He had actually had a dream the pinned him to his sheets with fright.No one knew the an interpretation of the dream.What to do? Whatever might it mean?Then his butler said, "I recognize a bloke in jail, that is warm on dreams, could explain every pharaoh"s tale,"Pharaoh said, "Well having this Joseph man,"I require him to aid me if he can.Poor, negative Pharaoh, watcha gonna do? desires are haunting you, hey watcha gonna do?Chained and bound and cried alone, Joseph knelt prior to the throne."My service to Pharaoh has begun. Tell me her problems, Mighty One."Well i was wandering follow me by the financial institutions of the river once seven fat cows came out that the Nile, Uh-huh-huh.(Bop-shoo-wa-da-wa-bop-bop-shoo-wa-da-wa)And right behind this fine, healthy and balanced animals, were seven other cows, all skinny and also vile, Oh-oh yeah.(Bop-shoo-wa-da-wa-bop-bop-shoo-wa-da-wa)Well, the slim cows ate the fat cows i m sorry I believed would do them good, Uh-huh-huh.(Bop-shoo-wa-da-wa-bop-bop-shoo-wa-da-wa)But that didn"t do them fatter choose such a monster supper should.(Bop-shoo-wa-da-wa-bop-bop-shoo-wa-da-wa)Because the slim cows were together thin together they might have ever before ever been.Now this dream has got me baffled, Joseph won"t you tell me what the means.C"mon you recognize that majesties ain"t stupid. (Stupid!)But i don"t have actually a clue. (Clue!)Now, don"t be cruel, Joseph. (Joseph!)Help me i beg the you!I to be standing act nothing in a field out that town as soon as I saw 7 beautiful ear of corn, Uh-huh-huh(Bop-shoo-wa-da-wa-bop-bop-shoo-wa-da-wa)They to be ripe and they was gold but, girlfriend guessed it, right behind me was seven other ears, every tattered and also torn, Oh-oh yeah.(Bop-shoo-wa-da-wa-bop-bop-shoo-wa-da-wa)Well the negative corn ate the an excellent corn and also they up best behind, correct they did! (Bop-shoo-wa-da-wa-bop-bop-shoo-wa-da-wa)Oh yet Joseph, here"s the punch line, i think gonna really blow your mind.Because the negative ones were as bad as they had ever, ever been!This dream has got me all sup, so you re welcome be nice and tell me what it means.Hey, hey, hey, Joseph,(Bop-bop-bop-bop-bop-bop-bop-bop-bop)Won"t girlfriend tell old Pharaoh, baby? What does this crazy, crazy, crazy dream mean? oh yeah.The End.

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CreditsWriter(s): Andrew Lloyd-webber, Timothy mile Bindon RiceLyrics it is provided by www.musixmatch.comLink

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