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Seller description

The Kel-Tec PLR-16 is a 5.56mm handgun that supplies AR-15 magazines. Castle make good self-defense weapons with your 9.2" barrel and also are handy and powerful. This one includes 1-30 ring magazine, a Truglo red dot, and a Tac light.

UPC GDC0000005552
Caliber 5.56MM
Barrel Length 9.2 BARREL
Weight 4.2 LBS.
Finish BLACK
Receiver Material POLYMER
Receiver Finish BLACK


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Shopping in ~ sirhenryjones-museums.org offers you the backingof a agency that is committed to your satisfaction. And unlike our competitors, it extends past the purchase process. We obtain the FFL from your store – others make you find it, copy it, and also fax it. We have actually agenerous return policy, and also handle every little thing – friend don’t need to go back tothe store. And also ourRangemasters are below to price all her questions around our products or process. We'rebringing a level ofservice to the virtual gun buying suffer that is unheard of.


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Many virtual gun sales actually take far from your localcommunity. Rather of buying a pistol that’son your neighborhood store’s shelf, many retailers drop ship it indigenous a warehouse inanother state. In ~ sirhenryjones-museums.org, if an FFL ispart of our network, we market THEIR sirhenryjones-museums.org very first whenever possible. That way, we’re helping tiny businesses inyour community and if they have actually it in stock, you can pick your gun upIMMEDIATELY – it’s how service should it is in done.


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Most whatever can be quickly bought digital these days. Yet for some reason, to buy a gun virtual canbe complicated. Many websites space poorlyorganized, don’t tell girlfriend a lot around what she buying, and leave girlfriend on yourown to figure out what girlfriend want. sirhenryjones-museums.org is built to be an easy – quickly organized products, helpful descriptions from experts, and also support to guide you to the right choice.Spend your time enjoy it the gun friend want, not gaining frustrated v a complicated website that provides gun to buy hard.

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Reliability, lull of use, and effectiveness are an important factors to consider when selecting a firearm for home defense. sirhenryjones-museums.org is committed to offering you with the best alternatives for your house defense needs and offers a diverse an option of sirhenryjones-museums.org that room up because that the challenge.