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Killing Floor 2 is among the most well-known games on Steam at the moment. Your main task is come fight vicious tide of zombies, and prepare your strategy come face powerful bosses and kill them as conveniently as possible.

According come gamers’ reports, Killing Floor 2 is influenced by plenty of issues. Fortunately, for few of them, over there are assorted workarounds available, and also Tripwire interaction is likewise working at complete trust to role out a patch and improve the gaming experience as soon as possible.

If you’re suffering black display issues, start up crashes or Bugsplat errors, you deserve to use the solutions listed below to fix them.

Here’s exactly how to fix Killing Floor 2 start issues and black display bugs

1. Navigate to: C:UsersDocumentsMy Games. Delete the KillingFloor2 folder. Try launching the game again.

2. Disconnect any controllers you may use and try playing the game now.

3. top top the taskbar, double-click the NVIDIA settings icon > pick Manage 3D Settings if the isn’t already selected. Now, on the right-side, walk to the Program Settings tab.3.1. If you only see two groupings (#1 and also #2), there’s no need to make any kind of changes.3.2. If friend see three groupings (#1, #2, and also a #3), then manually include Killing Floor 2 to #1, then do it usage the high power GPU.

4. go to regulate Panel > Add/Remove program > uninstall NVIDIA Physx.Then walk to: Steamsteamappscommonkillingfloor2\_CommonRedistPhysX9.14.0702 and also run the Physx installer. Try playing the game now and see if that works.

5. go to manage Panel > Add/Remove programs. Uninstall all versions the 2010 Microsoft C++ Redistribs/ 2012 Microsoft C++ Redistribs.Go to: Steamsteamappscommonkillingfloor2\_CommonRedistvcredist. In the 2010 folder, download the x64 version, and also right-click Run together admin.In the 2012 folder, install the x64 version, and also right-click Run together admin.

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These solutions deserve to be offered by every Killing Floor 2 gamers. Power users can additionally check out the workarounds detailed in the “Advanced solutions” ar of this steam thread.