Qualities that the bear Card are modified through astrological influences of planets linked with the Sun position at the moment we room born. If you room born ~ above January 14, 1980, the planetary leader for her astrological sign (Capricorn) is Saturn. Your sunlight is positioned approximately in the Third decan that Capricorn, ruled by Mercury. Uncover out the exact level of your sunlight placement come make certain your Planetary and Decanate cards space correct.

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The King the Diamonds has an can be fried awareness and also appreciation of material values. This feeling of worth means their capacity to manage and enjoy the assets of the earth. We live in a world where values are more often connected with money. Top top a greater level, King that Diamonds who room guardians of real values gain tremendous power, and also hard-boiled materialism is not well-known to them. Together politicians, they will not accept bribes. Together businessmen, they are not ruthless and also overruling. Castle know just how to provide values in your "kingdom," and also there is always enough because that everyone. The emperors of Diamonds have terrific leadership abilities and also do not desire to it is in in worse positions. Your finances room well managed, and their families are well supported. Human being born King of Diamonds are an extremely sociable and also friendly. They prefer to occupational with smart people due to the fact that they believe the good mind is a passport to success. They construct ambitions early in life, and their restlessness in young age lead lock to get a suitable education, diplomas, which will include to your prestige later on in life. The majesties of Diamonds normally marry those who have actually a position, or security, or wealth. The men, while structure their own business, mean their wives come work, - but want them to shine as well. The best in the understanding of values, King of Diamonds favor to save the manage over finances in their hands. They know just how to secure us through an excellent business judgment, a rapid mind, or clever manipulation. They prefer working v fresh young people who deserve to keep their service active. They choose to travel and also profit by it, specifically when their occupational is in the mental ar or linked with intellectual ideas and also commerce. They benefit from international countries and foreigners. King the Diamonds has good chances because that self-development. Castle learn fast how to overcome obstacles v understanding. All emperors are connected with Number Thirteen (13) - The variety of Love and also Unity, and amongst the wiser ones, this qualities, in addition to their number, were organized to be sacred. All emperors are the Jacob the the Bible: the founders and fathers that the twelve tribes who have actually entrusted the kids to the source of all Good. Queens are normally the most sympathetic and also understanding people. They know subconsciously that power relies upon cooperation, and whatever life they lead, their finest work is done in partnership. They always have a feeling of authority, but it seldom leads come domination.

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