KLG and also Hoda Giveaway 

Do you desire to win unique Gift climate just get in in Today.com KLG & Hoda Today show Giveaway and also win product/item featured ~ above the TODAY present of Kathie Lee & Hoda from today.com/klgandhoda every week. Over there are full 5 prizes come be won from Hoda & Kathie Lee Sweepstakes 2019 every week. Come Enter, You need to Visit KLG and also Hoda Giveaway page and also follow the instructions closely showing on web page of Kathie Lee & Hoda Today show Sweepstakes.

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Update: Entries because that KLGandHoda.com Sweepstakes 2019 open till 5 PM, April 3, 2019 only. Therefore hurry up!


Kathie Lee and also Hoda give it away Sweepstakes 2019 – success 1 the end of 5 Prizes every week

Reward(s): Product/item featured top top the TODAY show of Kathie Lee & Hoda (5 Prizes)

Starting Date: This KLG and Hoda Sweepstakes starts in ~ 10:30 to be on April 3, 2019 (Eastern Time)

Ending Date: KLG and also Hoda Giveaway will finish at 5 pm on April 3, 2019 (Eastern Time)

Eligibility: This Today present Kathie Lee and also Hoda giveaway 2018 is open up to Legal residents of forty-eight (48) continental the United states or the ar of Columbia who room at least 18 years of period (excluding Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands and also other United claims territories)

Number the Winners: 5

Giveaway Rules: See Rules

How to go into Kathie Lee & Hoda provide it away Contest?

First that all, Goto KLG and also Hoda Giveaway challenge PageYou will view Contest kind on her PC/ mobile Screen.Fill up the type with perfect details and also Submit.You have effectively entered KLG & Hoda provide it away sweepstakes draw.
Giveaway finish Date:-Eligibility:-
April 3, 2019U.S.A inhabitants (18+ Age)

ENTER right here TO WIN

Winner Selection

On or around April 6, 2019, (5) winners will be liked by random illustration by klgandhoda.com giveaway sponsors from all eligible entries received throughout the giveaway period.

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Giveaway Sponsor

Today Show and also NBCUniversal Media, LLC, both situated at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, new York, NY 10112

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