Boxset/Compilation, released in 2000Songs / tracks Listing

1. The Song stays The exact same (5:28)2. No quarter (6:59)3. Dwellings Of The divine (4:01)4. Trampled Underfoot (5:35)5. Kashmir (8:31)6. Ten Years unable to do (6:31)7. Achilles Last stand (10:22)8. Nobody"s Fault however Mine (6:27)9. All My Love (5:53)10. In The evening (6:49)Total Time 64:36

Line-up / Musicians

- Jimmy page / accoustic and electric guitars- Robert tree / vocals, tambourine- man Paul Jones / base guitar, keyboards, mandolin- man Bonham / drums and percussion

Releases information

Atlantic 7567832682

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The means I watch this last Days of Led Zeppelin really counts on how - the newexplorer who desire to know Led Zeppelin music - see the early on Days (volume One) CD.If evaluate from the early Days compilation you think the the music of LZ is the oneyou love, you have to not buy this last Days compilation. What you need to day is topurchase each individual album beginning from "Physical Graffiti", Led Zeppelin II,and then IV, III, "Presence" and also Led Zeppelin ns is the recent one to purchase. WhyPhysical Graffiti is first? Because, ns think, the is the finest album the Led Zeppelin.But, if friend don"t quiet feel the LZ is in her cup that tea, you might try purchasingthis compilation CD of volume two - i beg your pardon comprises songs from 5th album onwards.

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The compilation starts with a legendary track "The Song remains The Same" i m sorry wastaken from the 5th album "Houses the The Holy". The track was initially intended asan instrumental component until Robert Plant added the lyrics. It proceeds with myall-time favorite "No Quarter" v jazzy touch and powerful keyboard occupational by JohnPaul Jones. It"s fairly funny the the album title track "Houses the The Holy" wasconsidered as 5th album overspill and was then had in the next sixth album"Physical Graffiti". Girlfriend will likewise hear syncopated funky rhythms in "TrampledUnderfoot" which likewise indicates Bonham jaw dropping north work. "Kashmir" sees the band in its diverse style as this track projects an intenseeastern nuance coupled v symphonic sounds v the electric guitar beat byJimmy web page using violin bow. It"s a legendary track that not only demonstrates greatguitar work but also an effective vocal by Plant. You could hear something different with"Ten years Gone" that does not sound like typical Zepp tracks yet it"s reallyenjoyable. "Achilles critical Stand" (taken indigenous "Presence") is a quick tempo monitor withexcellent mix of fast paced rhythm and also vocal, and also dynamic drum occupational by Bonzo."Nobody"s Fault however Mine" is additionally taken native the 7th album "Presence". The concludingtracks "All mine Love" and also "In The Evening" are taken native "In with The out Door"album (1979).Overall, this compilation has all good and great tracks from the band fromits fifth until 8 hours album. It"s no a good representation the prog music, really.However Led Zeppelin has actually influenced plenty of bands that come out after your glory days,including Rush, Saga, Dream Theater and also many much more bands - prog or non prog. Keep onrockin" ..!"Persistence is stubbornness through a purpose."
social testimonial comments | review PermalinkPosted Sunday, November 26, 2006 | testimonial this album | Report (Review #100451)

A an excellent OVERVIEW (PART TWO)

I carry out not really recognize Jimmy (who did the track selection) in publication a compilation of what"s dubbed their "latter days". I take into consideration two periods in Led Zep history : the first one it spins "Houses of The Holy" and a 2nd one beginning with "Physical Grafitti". The 2nd one is much to reach the creativity of the first one, so the is fairly normal that this compilation is somewhat useless.One has to remember too that the exorbitant "Remasters" featured each track easily accessible here (plus "D"Yer Make"r"). So really, there no have to buy this one. This album can be purchased through its small brother "The beforehand Days".In this packaged version, disc two (the latter days) features a video clip of a live performance of "Over The Hills and also Far Away". A trick i guess for offering it to completionist. In terms of compilation, I have the right to only advice to stick come "Remasters" i m sorry is yes, really a superb intro for the band and also which will satisfy any "curious" ready to uncover Led Zep.Two stars.
social testimonial comments | evaluation PermalinkPosted Wednesday, march 14, 2007 | review this album | Report (Review #115194)

Unlike it"s pair brother, this album doesn"t get much beat on mine iPod: prefer quite a couple of out their, IHATED their last period, and also there are only a couple of songs that stand the end for me together being good, onlyone together a masterpiece. The an excellent songs are homes of the Holy, Trampled Underfoot, Achilles last Standand In The Evening; the masterpiece, there is no the presence of a doubt, Kashmir. The other five? Nope,not for me at all, some old rockers may like them yet I don"t, this CD screens the inconsistancyand downfall that Led Zep during the so late 70s, and also if you like prog, then this ain"t for you. AchillesLast and also Kashmir are around the only two proggy songs on this album, so thus I will provide it afair 2star rating, as 40% of the is important listenable because that a prog rocker.

social review comments | testimonial PermalinkPosted Sunday, April 6, 2008 | testimonial this album | Report (Review #165869)

Now the 2nd part...

After the relax of beforehand Days or the best of Led Zep Vol 1., the follower latter Days or Vol. 2 experienced the light, and when we talk around Led Zeppelin we clearly know that the an initial era was better, as soon as they had actually a huge creativity and also originality, their last albums are also great, but nothing compares come the an initial 4.So this is around a compillation of several of the better known monitor from thei critical albums, a compillation that ns am hear to currently after a many time, however am enjoy it it in ~ the moment.The compillations in my opinion are an excellent for the civilization who room not really acquainted with the band or artist and also want to check out a little bit about their music (is much much better to begin with studio albums that course) and additionally for civilization who only like the better known stuff and want come play what they have actually heard and consider the best, additionally for die tough fans can work, yet that"s it.This second component has cool songs such as No Quarter, Kashmir or Achilles last Stand among others, and also if you desire a job of pure commercial Led Zep hits, you deserve to ply this algon v the early on Days compillation.I prefer the very first one, but this is a quite listening as well.As i have said, recommendable for the starters.3 stars, gain it!
social testimonial comments | testimonial PermalinkPosted Thursday, September 25, 2008 | testimonial this album | Report (Review #183545)

"Latter Days: Volume Two" - Led Zeppelin (Compilation)

Led Zeppelin -like all various other bands- did at some point start gaining old, and with that, your music started to decrease in it"s quality. This beside however, the "Latter Days" compilation has some really good material ~ above it. While together a separation, personal, instance product, it"s shadowed by "Early Days" (early days just has much more popular, trademark songs") "Latter Days" walk have more of a steady mix the Led Zeppelin"s work-related than the first compilation ever could.Songs favor the steering "No Quarter" and also the epic "Kashmir" really highlight the album.Like I stated for the "Early Days" review, these space both good compilations, but they work best as a team, to cover the band"s entire career.
social evaluation comments | review PermalinkPosted Monday, July 20, 2009 | evaluation this album | Report (Review #227617)

This is the second disc that the two disc "Early Days and Latter Days" Led Zeppelincompilation. I typically like this compilation much more than the an initial disc because thisone is much more even and much better represents this period (Houses of the holy through InThrough the out Door) instead of concentrating on a c... (read more)

Report this evaluation (#127071) | posted by Arsillus | Thursday, June 28, 2007 | evaluation Permanlink


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