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Meaning: girl, lady, miss, lass, girlfriend


Part that speech: noun (feminine noun (also watch #524))Rank: #326 (see frequency list)

What a beautiful girl!Photo by Alaskan Dude, licensed under CC-BY-2.0
Какáя краси́вая дéвушка!What a beautiful girl!Он женáт на молодóй дéвушке.He is married to a young girl.Сáша пошëл в кафé со своéй дéвушкой.Sasha visited a cafe through his girlfriend.В твоëм вóзрасте у меня́ ещë нé было дéвушки.At your age I didn"t have a girlfriend yet.Сергéй пригласи́л дéвушку в шикáрный ресторáн.Sergey invited the girl to a posh restaurant.Дéвушка, дáйте мне меню́, пожáлуйста.(Waitress), might I have actually the menu, please.literal Girl, give me the menu, please.Дéвушка, вас зовëт молодóй человéк.Miss, the young male is phone call you.Ты что, встречáeшься с нécколькими дéвушками одновремéнно?Are you really dating number of girls at the very same time?В Росси́и мнóго прекрácных дéвушек.There are numerous beautiful girls in Russia.Каки́е комплимéнты ну́жно говори́ть дéвушкам?What compliments should one salary to girls?literal What compliments is it crucial to pay to girls?

Related words:
= a little girlжéнщина = a womanмужчи́на = a man
Proverbs and also sayings:

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Бы́ли дéнежки – люби́ли Сéню дéвушки, а не стáло дéнежек – забы́ли Сéню дéвушки.When Senia had actually money, girl loved him, and also when Senia had actually no money left, girl forgot him.Дéвушка, гуля́й, а дéльце пóмни.Girl, go out, yet remember around work.Дéвушкам - на бесéдушку, а старикáм - спатьFor girls, talking, because that elderly people, sleeping.
Case Singular Plural

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