The cast reacts come the Frost family members squabble that division out in ~ Rasheeda"s boutique opening, and also the heartbreaking exchange between Erica Mena and Safaree as their marriage involves an end.

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The cast reacts come Yandy questioning Safaree"s apathy towards his crumbling marital relationship at her store"s grand opening, and Momma Dee confronting Bambi about the divorce rumors she heard in Dubai.

The cast reacts to Momma Dee confronting Scrappy around rumors, and also Safaree receiving much-needed advice from Scrappy and Bambi.

The cast reacts come Bambi and also Erica Mena opened up around the troubles in their marriages, and Judy providing an emotionally "apology" during Yandy and Mendeecees"s vow rebirth trip.

The cast reacts together Momma Dee confronts Yandy and Mendeecees around the legitimacy of their marriage, then weighs in when Sierra broaches the subject of having a baby with Eric in Dubai.

The actors reacts to their arrival in Dubai, whereby they learn around the unique properties the saffron, Rasheeda wonders if she"s pregnant, and Erica vents to Bambi about Safaree"s attitude.
The actors applauds Spice"s collaboration with Shaggy and also Sean Paul, and Sierra bring away a closer look in ~ Safaree"s unanticipated incident during Erica and Bambi"s baby shower.
The actors reacts come Lamar Odom organizing a lake cruise because that Karlie"s birthday, and also Yandy and Mendeecees"s challenging love approach to putting Infinity ~ above the route to independence.
The actors reacts come Sierra"s confrontation v her sisters over their lingering resentment towards her, then sweet in on the difficult love native Safaree"s mother after the reveals Erica"s pregnancy.
The actors reacts to Infinity"s plan to stay with Yandy and also Mendeecees, and also Guapdad 4000"s breakup through Yung infant Tate.
The cast reacts to Scrappy and Safaree"s very first live performance due to the fact that the pandemic began, Spice"s Jamaican backyard surprise and also Safaree"s questionable response to Erica"s infant news.
The actors reacts to your conversation v Tamika Palmer in Louisville, Kentucky, one day before hundreds gathered ~ above the an initial anniversary of her daughter Breonna Taylor"s death.
The actors reacts as Sierra opens up around what walk wrong through BK, then shares your thoughts about Safaree and also Erica"s it is too dirty conversation around their marital issues.
The 305 much better get prepared to role out the red carpet because that Joseline Hernandez on Season 3 the Love & hip Hop Miami, premiering January 6.
The two-episode Season 3 premiere kicks off through Blueface versus Dreamdoll and also Clarence White versus Queen Naija this Tuesday 8/7c.
Watch KP and his artists" cumulative turn their city about through ink, music and opportunities when Black squid Crew Compton premieres on Wednesday, august 14, at 10/9c.
Ceaser and also his crew uncover out friend can"t the shade the previous on a new season of black color Ink Crew beginning Wednesday, august 14 at 9/8c.

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Ice Cube, Nene Leakes, DC Young Fly, Tamar Braxton, beam J and more return on a new season of i know good Hop Squares beginning August 13.