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Basic Information:

Year: 2019Page Number: 784 pagesFile Type: PDFFile Size: 8.18 MBAuthors/ Editiors: Conrad Fischer

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Targeted review from USMLE professional Conrad Fischer, MD, understand the plank USMLE step 2 CK delivers what you should excel on the exam and match right into the residency regimen you want.

Drawing ~ above Dr. Fischer’s 20+ year of endure in the USMLE arena, understand the plank USMLE action 2 CK is the highest possible yield full-color review book for the Clinical understanding exam.

•Exam-like emphasis on finest initial test, many accurate test, and most most likely diagnosis•Hundreds that full-color diagnostic images•Step-by-step technique to patient care•Flow charts, decision trees, and also comparison tables condense wide topics in ~ a glance•New patient security chapter•Expert tips for recognizing not correct answers

User’s Review:

Conrad Fischer, MD, is director of the residency regime at Brookdale college Hospital and Medical center in new York City and also associate professor of physiology, pharmacology, and also medicine at Touro university of Osteopathic medication in brand-new York City. He teaches USMLE procedures 1, 2, and also 3; interior Medicine board Review and Attending Recertification; and USMLE step 1 Physiology.

Reviews from Amazon users, built up at the moment the book is gaining published top top UniedVRG. It can be related to shiping or file quality rather of the publication content:

⭐ the pretty much 97% the exact same as fourth edition. A couple of new charts to be added, the chapters to be re arranged, and patient security section is added. I would recommend purchase this execution if you don’t have actually the 4th edition already.

⭐ This publication as some good things going for it. Ns love the next notes, reasoning, and ways they deal with the common mistakes that students can make. The is still a good book i think for plowing v multitudes that clinical decision making. I used Amboss to double check circulation charts and clarify the text which deserve to sometimes it is in a little odd in its order of content or doesn’t colony topics in a means that make feeling to me.TLDR; yes book, fourth edition may still it is in betterPro: It’s still a hard prep publication that have the right to distill topics under to what you must know.Cons: – more errata than previous version. Publish errata sheet and also make correction immediately. Take into consideration using Amboss discovering Cards to clarify decision priorities and also order of next steps. – part subsections in one odd order. Have the right to confuse flow sometimes.

⭐ ns bought this publication after I gave up on step up to medicine due to the fact that of the many errors in the book. Only to it is in disappointed by the very same with this thing.There is no order to this book. Things are type of thrown around randomly. A lot of of vital things are no wherein to be found.Overall, I’m gonna go v this publication just to give myself a sense of order throughout step 2 ck prep.I would advise anyone to continue to be away from this book and also focus top top uworld. This is not worth her money.

⭐ By far one of the most disorganized and unhelpful publications I’ve ever before encountered. Let’s use examples.You can uncover duodenal atresia ~ above pages 535, 537, and also 540. Why not have all the information on one page?You can discover information on chest cancer on pages 404, 412, 615. Why so plenty of different places?You can uncover valvular heart condition (murmurs) native pages 120-129 and also 525-527.You can find pancreatic cancer on pages 36 and then in an ext detail on web page 461. Cause that renders sense right?Pancreatitis have the right to be found on pages 25-27, 34-36, 155, 446-448, 451-456. Yall. Why so numerous different places? throw it all right into one chart and also call the a day. Why do I need to play “where’s waldo” to uncover the section I’m trying to review?You will spend more time flipping the pages that the book than actually studying. The index is trash. The info is sometimes incorrect.Waste of money. Rubbish of time.DO no BUY.

⭐ 1) Not substantial at all, over there is an ext information in FA step 1…2) Poorly written. Lengthy sentences v no details at all.3) not well structured. The publication is divided in large chapters, however inside the the chapters, over there is absolutely no organization, simply a sequence of arbitrarily facts. For example surgery : trauma, then some digestive pathology, then ortho, then ago to hernias and varicocele.The table of contents is no exhaustive in ~ all, and also makes detect anything in the book take way longer than it should. I deserve to understand the it is difficult to be comprehensive, however at least, framework the details so the the in its entirety flow of chapter flows!4) some errors along the means as if this was not enough…

⭐ an excellent review book, however a tiny too vague because that shelf exams/Step 2 and should no be provided as key CK examine material- 3/5 because of that. Otherwise it’s well written, has good exam tips, and good in-chapter questions. I offered it as pre-rotation reading to acquire the main gist that the material (along v OME videos). By the moment CK rolling around, it wasn’t of lot use.

⭐ i waited for the new edition but I think it was worth to wait!:)

⭐ will upgrade this later however it appears to have more of the high yield information in far better order than step 2 CK from first aid. The info flows far better and is an ext logically oriented. Will certainly add more later for complete review

⭐ substantial book with really easy to discover bullet points and enjoyable format. Because that usmle step 2, ns recommend you gain the action 3 book too because this won’t be sufficient unless friend supplement with u worldFor medical school clerkships, this is a lifesaver, fine at the very least it was for me!