very early version of paris Forever. Ns was fortunate sufficient to acquire one of my favorite singers to do this track because that me.

Genre EDM

Comment through Shun Hideki

This track iss perfect because that relaxing, it's so GOOD

Comment by Fabiano Caputo

Amazing indeed.... Yet searching for Morgan Perry leads me come a website of a music engineer, a man.

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Comment through fxckboi_yxki

Comment by Johnathan Stewart

flying forever

Comment by Johnathan Stewart

i love this tune on rocket league

Comment by Mat Tab

Flyyyyyying Fooooooreveeer!!

Comment by X is best


Comment by Xcava86X

It's beautiful! say thanks to you Mike! thanks to Morgan Perry too. I'm grounding home, alone, due covid-19 epidemic (I live close to Milan, Italy) and this song is awesome to help me cope through it.

Comment by alzu gaming

This was playing on my trip to tokyo while us were wating to leave the door to take off

Comment by trixton.

best rocket organization song.

Comment by Michel Sous-marin

Sublime. Deserve to we have actually an important version ? please it's a great piece that work

Comment by J85hua


Comment by Nathaniel Trouillet


Comment by Nathaniel Trouillet

very goooood !!!

Comment by Nathaniel Trouillet

Comment by Nathaniel Trouillet

awesom !!!!

Comment by Nathaniel Trouillet

nice track

Comment through Paul Galloway One_16

Does Morgan Perry have other songs?

Comment through Neomob

Rocket league

Comment by Maciej Malec

Comment by Maciej Malec

Flying forever It's so hard to collection things free Flying forever I simply want you come be with me paris forever I'm too much away to check out Flying forever i wait, if you fly free.

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Comment by Jehad Alqurashi

I love the lyrics right here it provides a very different vibe for the track.

Comment by Laurence Bush

I didn't realise it was so old

Comment through Laurence Bush

Such a good simple track. Renders you think the the good old times out on beaches

Comment by DJ Cloud


Comment through Gilou Gnutr

My favourite kid of RL, beautiful voice and also music, that said games are dangerous, thanks to that ns ave uncover a great musician :)

Comment by Matthias Armin Luongo

Senti come sale!

Comment by Roland Sipos

Rocket league indeed!!! keep up the awesome occupational man, this song offers me shivers!

Comment through Siddharth Gajare

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