The Minimalism arts notebook is a faux-leather clad notebook v a feel that is an ext luxurious 보다 its cost. That is to fill with hefty paper, has a an excellent number of options and comes in countless different colors. Is this notebook every looks or is it an excellent for use through fountain pens as well?

First Impressions

The first thing i noticed v the Minimalism art notebook was how nice the cover material feels. The made out of PU leather, which is an fabricated leather that feels really soft. When I stopped caressing the cover, I opened up up the notebook and noticed how thick the pages are. The document that castle made the end of is not incredibly smooth, however doesn’t feel choose it will certainly present any kind of challenges because that fountain pens.


A web page ribbon is always a nice attribute to have.

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Actual Use

Let’s start with the looks. Ns really prefer the style of this notebook. As I mentioned, it has actually a very high top quality feel to it. This is partly as result of the PU leather the is used and also partly as result of the overall construction. The notebook feel dense and sturdy and also every time I choose it increase I find myself emotional some part of it just to feel it in my hands. If I got the black color version, it does come in numerous different colors, for this reason if color is your point you should have the ability to find something that works for you.

I found the elastic closure band to be fairly snug. In fact, it left a note on the cover wherein it dug into the material. No a vast deal, however don’t suppose the cover come look perfect for very long. When you open up up the notebook, you’ll uncover that the stiff flyleafs space glued to a good quarter-inch the the an initial and last pages. Luckily, they space still basic to crease and also use. The pocket in the behind of the notebook is very flexible yet sturdy, providing easy accessibility to something you might want to keep in there.

Now let’s talk about how the paper handles fractional pens. This thick 100 gsm file handles fountain pens quite well! that is actually lot smoother to compose on 보다 I assumed it would certainly be. It has nice shading and ink dries really fast on it. Unfortunately, that fast dry time means it doesn’t display much sheen. With most inks that ns used, also those that normally display lots that sheen, I had to look really hard to view the tiny bit the was ~ above this paper.

While ghosting to be low, ns did endure a little of bleeding with miscellaneous pens and also inks. Most pens just barely began to cross the barrier between ghosting and also bleeding, which because that me isn’t a substantial deal. As long bleeding or ghosting don’t fully interfere through writing ~ above both sides of a page, i’m able to ignore it, however I understand that no everyone is. Because that some, any type of bleeding is bad bleeding. With some inks, an especially Platinum Carbon black (not presented here), I experienced unacceptable quantities of bleeding.

Another potential concern is the the paper tends come feather with most inks. Now, prior to you instantly write it off, allow me present you how it looks. It’s more of what ns would take into consideration “micro feathering”.

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As you have the right to see, many of my writing has tiny small feathers, yet to be honest you it’s nearly impossible to notification unless you obtain right down next to the paper. For me, this is no a transaction breaker. While it did feather with most inks and also pens that i used, i don’t actually an alert it.


So is this just a notebook the feels pretty on the outside yet has document that feathers and bleeds ~ above the inside? In a sense, yes, but I don’t think things space that black and also white. The bleeding that ns observed was, in my opinion, not very intrusive other than for with the Carbon Black. The feathering, while existing with many pens and inks, was practically non-noticeable. No of these points is a deal breaker because that me. Furthermore, the notebook is really nice. It is well made and has some nice features, particularly for a notebook the costs substantially less 보다 what you could expect it to cost. When the per-sheet price is similar to some notebooks with far better paper, the expense is well balanced by the high-quality feel.

I don’t think the this Minimalism arts notebook is supposed for everyone. World who mean the best from their paper will desire to look elsewhere. Similarly, human being who choose a lot of sheen will want to prevent this notebook. For everyone else, though, this notebook is precious considering. I can’t to speak enough around its high quality feel, both the construction and also the cover material. The record is rather nice to compose on and, in my opinion, the feathering and bleeding space not a large deal. If I carry out like seeing sheen in my inks, ns think the file in this notebook encourages me come actually usage it for writing and also not worry about “wasting” good paper. No to say that it isn’t great paper, yet it’s not as nice as some other likewise priced notebooks.

If you’d like a bit more information about how ns test papers and notebooks, I wrote an article around my record rating system.