Balsa return to her native Kanbal to clean the name of Jiguro, she dear mentor, who saved her life once she was six years old. However what need to be a visit that truth and reconciliation i do not care a struggle for her life when she learns that Jiguro had actually been a member that King Rogsam's an individual bodyguard. After ~ Jiguro fled Kanbal through her, Rogsam sent out the other bodyguards after lock one by one--Jiguro's finest friends, whom he had actually to kill to safeguard Balsa. Now, through the assist of 2 Kanbalese children, Balsa need to unwind the conspiracy neighboring Jiguro and the secret of the Guardians of the Dark.

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About the Author:

Nahoko Uehashi is the writer of ten books in the Moribito series, which have sold more than a million copies and also won many major literary awards in her native Japan. An combine professor at a Japanese university, she has a Ph.D. In social anthropology and also studies native peoples in Australia. She lives close to Tokyo, Japan.


"Having successfully safeguarded young Prince Chagum in 2008"s Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit, Balsa, a spear-wielding warrior, ventures to she rocky countryside of Kanbal in this sequel. Once again, Uehashi immerses reader in the culture, traditions, mythology―even diet―of the populace, creating a full, captivating world. Upon her return, Balsa rescues a pair of brothers in the area"s caves (home come the mysterious hyohlu, the guardians of the darkness). She is soon marked as a fugitive, but with aid she tho uncovers a wide-ranging plot entailing her deceased mentor and a plan to strike the secret kingdom that the hill King. Uehashi explores themes that family and also honesty through rich prose and also compelling characters. An effective and loyal, Balsa is the core attract (“Although her hands to be bound and she was held captive, Balsa"s eyes were filled with a fierce light, favor a fighter ready to enter the ring”), however the cast of secondary characters space well developed and intriguing in their very own right. Include to that part intense spear battles and a gripping finale, and also this growing series has something because that everyone." -- Publishers Weekly, starred testimonial “Though a sequel, Moribito II was standing on its very own as an engrossing story of redemption, with seasoned warrior and bodyguard Balsa ago in the facility of it all. . . . Both come alive with the wonderful fist to detail, from descriptions of the geography, food, and social structure to the ceremony where human beings come confront to challenge with your gods. . . .

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his collection serves together a smooth shift between manga and straight narrative.” -- college Library JournalAWARDS:An ALA Notable publication for Children, 2010Mildred L. Batchelder Honor because that Translation, 2010USBBY Outstanding worldwide Book, 2010