The 2015 National architecture Specification (NDS) for lumber Construction was developed by"s Wood design Standards Committee and approved as a standard by ANSI (American nationwide Standards Institute) on September 30, 2014. The 2015 NDS is referenced in the 2015 International structure Code. One far-ranging addition come the 2015 NDS is a brand-new product style chapter for cross-laminated wood (CLT). To buy copy includes integral commentary.

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Free View-Only Option:Choose a SectionTable that ContentsChapter 1 – basic Requirements for Structural DesignChapter 2 – design Values for Structural MembersChapter 3 – style Provisions and EquationsChapter 4 – Sawn LumberChapter 5 – structure Glued Laminated TimberChapter 6 – Round lumber Poles and also PilesChapter 7 – Prefabricated wood I-JoistsChapter 8 – structure Composite LumberChapter 9 – lumber Structural PanelsChapter 10 – Cross-Laminated TimberChapter 11 – mechanical ConnectionsChapter 12 – Dowel-Type FastenersChapter 13 – break-up Ring and also Shear plate ConnectorsChapter 14 – wood RivetsChapter 15 – unique Loading ConditionsChapter 16 – Fire design of hardwood MembersAppendixReferencesCommentary

Design provisions in the NDS are integral with style values in the NDS Supplement. As such, the is not appropriate to mix style values and also provisions from different editions of the NDS. The NDS Supplement contains architecture values because that sawn lumber, structural glued laminated timber, and also round timber poles and also piles.

Free View-Only OptionChoose a SectionTable the ContentsChapter 1 – Sawn timber Grading AgenciesChapter 2 – species CombinationsChapter 3 – ar PropertiesChapter 4 – Reference architecture Values

The ANSI/ 2015 Special design Provisions for Wind and Seismic (SDPWS) offers criteria because that proportioning, designing, and detailing engineered lumber systems, members, and also connections in lateral pressure resisting systems. Engineered architecture of wood frameworks to withstand wind or seismic pressures is either by allowable stress architecture (ASD) or load and resistance factor style (LRFD). In the name shear capacities of diaphragms and also shear wall surfaces are provided for recommendation assemblies. Purchased copy consists of integral commentary.

Free View-Only OptionChoose a SectionTable that ContentsChapter 1 – Designer FlowchartChapter 2 – General style RequirementsChapter 3 – Members and also ConnectionsChapter 4 – Lateral Force-Resisting SystemsAppendixReferencesCommentary

The complying with publications are obtainable separately from, however compliment, the 2015 NDS and also 2015 NDS Supplement.


The 2015 hand-operated for Engineered timber Construction contains architecture information for structural lumber, glued laminated timber, structural-use panels, shear walls and also diaphragms, poles and also piles, I-joists, structure composite lumber, cross-laminated timber, and also over 40 details are consisted of in the chapter on connections. The hands-on provides style information on structural applications of most wood-based products and their connections that accomplish the demands of the referenced standards. The hand-operated is a double format paper incorporating design provisions because that both allowable stress design (ASD) and load and also resistance factor architecture (LRFD). Every product chapter contains information because that use through this Manual and also the National style Specification® (NDS®) for lumber Construction. Chapters are arranged to parallel the chapter layout of the NDS.

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2015/2018 structural Wood architecture Examples is plan to help instruction in structural style of wood structures using both Allowable Stress design (ASD) and Load and Resistance Factor style (LRFD). It consists of over 20 architecture examples and complete remedies for hardwood member design, connections, and shear walls. Solutions have been developed based on the 2015 and also 2018 National style Specification®(NDS®) for timber Construction, and also the 2015 Special design Provisions for Wind and also Seismic (SDPWS), together appropriate. Referrals are additionally made come the 2015 and also 2018 Wood Frame building Manual (WFCM) because that One- and Two- family Dwellings.